Leah Remini to Face Scientology Retaliation After Break With Church?

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Days after Leah Remini confirmed she left Scientology, a website was registered that is identical to others attacking ex-church members and critics.


On July 11, WhoIsLeahRemini (dot) com was registered with GoDaddy.

Former high ranking member Marty Rathbun, now a practicing independent Scientologist, is the subject of a similarly titled website, whoismartyrathbun (dot) com.

Ex-Scientologists Amy Scobbe and Tom DeVocht have similar websites - whose origins remain cloaked in mystery - dedicated to airing their dirty laundry.

In the wake of Leah Remini's exit, it looks like the first step has been taken to subject her to the same treatment as other people viewed as anti-Scientology.

Remini‘s decision to leave Scientology reportedly infuriated Kirstie Alley, who grilled church leaders about what they were going to do about it.

Alley is one of Scientology’s most high-profile celebrities, but along with Tom Cruise and John Travolta, she has not publicly commented on Remini’s defection.

But journalist Tony Ortega, who broke the story of Remini's exit, claims in a new report that Alley is angry at Remini and called on leaders to discuss it:

"A meeting was called for Alley and other celebrities to get a briefing from church executives about what was going on and what they planned to do about it."

On July 10, Alley sent out this cryptic tweet: “the sweetest poison is often served with a smile… beware syrup.” Ortega claims that tweet was directed at Remini.

Remini has released one brieft statement thanking fans and supporters but has stayed quiet about the specifics behind her decision to abandon the church.

The church has denounced reports of “thought modification” and speculation about why leader David Miscavige‘s wife has rarely been seen in public in five years.

Ortega says she has been seen once in all that time and Remini questioned why, setting off a years-long chain of events that led to her departure.

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Leah Remini was quoted in Huffington Post and New York Post as having had years of confessionals. She had the thought reform mindcontrol action called "Truth Rundown" being enforced on the hapless target.
I was in the *Church* for decades. I know of what I speak
I explain the Truth Rundown here ~~.
Here's a short pithy video on what Leah endured ~~