Lady Gaga No Makeup Photo: Selfie Shocks Internet

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Lady Gaga was Born This Way, or something.

Looking fresh-faced and entirely free of makeup, frills or good angles, the singer shared a surprising, makeup-free selfie on her website this week.

Take a look:

Lady Gaga No Makeup Selfie

"ARTPOP as they pry the single from my bleeding fingers," she wrote. "It's a scary thing to revisit the things underneath, the pain in your past, but all I found was raw passion."

"I thought I was destroyed inside. I'm just ready to fight. start the music."

Well, there you go.

Whatever the motivation for sharing the photo, it's a revealing look at Lady Gaga, who tends to cover up with elaborate stage makeup and costumes.

The 27-year-old star, who shows off a pale pout and eyebrows that contrast starkly with unkempt raven hair, has posted sans makeup in the past.

In fact, we've seen the uninhibited Lady Gaga with no makeup on Twitter and even on the cover of Harper's Bazaar. But this photo is just so ... raw.

It's not the only way she's "exposed" herself lately, either.

Monday, a photo of Lady Gaga nude in V Magazine hit the web, as she gears up for the first single off of her upcoming album ARTPOP on August 19.

So glad to have the rumored hermaphrodite back. Just kidding. About the hermaphrodite part. We are so grateful she's healthy and back on our radar.

What do you think of her no-makeup selfie?


this makes every woman happier


No wonder she SOLD her SOUL to the devil. She is a very ugly person inside and out. She was so desperate to make it that she turned evil and now is possessed by the dark spirits. Only Ugly people who have low self-esteem and seek acceptance stoop so low as to do something atrocious as turning your back from God and Selling your soul!


I feel so pretty now :)


OHHHHH so THATS why she makes herself up like she does... lol


love it


Wow Jill... I don't care for Gaga's music, but really... It's people like you who make this world a tough place to survive in. I believe celebrities have it so bad, I would never want to be famous. Every time you see your name somewhere it's always followed with some of the most hate filled garbage. Just imagine waking up every day to thousands of people pointing out every single one of your flaws (physical and character) day in and out. They may be the "The beautiful people". I'm sure that most days they don't feel that way. How could you?

@ Laura

That's deep..

@ Crono

well said Crono!


She looks so much better natural!

@ Carol

That's deep.

Patsy collins hood

She looks like Marilyn Manson without HIS makeup!


She looks beautiful. I'm not a Gaga fan, and I'm surprised she is so pretty. I thought she was hiding behind that funky look.

Ilene renee bieleski

You have to respect someone I'm public eye being natural.

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