Kristen Stewart: Pranked by "I Heart Rob" Message, PISSED at Paparazzi

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This just in: the paparazzi totally suck.

In the following video, an angry Kristen Stewart arrives at her car and finds someone has scrolled "I [Heart] Rob" in dirt on the hood, an obvious reference to Robert Pattinson.

Did the photographers snickering behind the camera etch that message themselves in order to prompt a reaction from the actress? It certainly appears that way.

It also appears as if Stewart curses them off before she gets behind the wheel... but can you blame her?


Agreed. This is immature bullying.


Emotion!Emotion! This is completely pure BULLYING in my opinion. The poor girl is being parsued relentlessly and America is allowing it!!!!!


At least she showed a little bit more emotion compared to all the "Twilight" movies.
And to be fair, I don't blame her for being upset. It was honestly super childish and immature of those photographers to write that on her car and then just stand around, waiting for her to come back, laughing the whole time. They probably really embarrassed her and it's sad that grown men and women are paid to have a job that the basic requirements are working a camera, being a stalker, and have the maturity of a 7th grader.


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