Krissi Biasiello, Masterchef Contestant, Under Fire for EXTREMELY Racist Tweets

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Krissi Biasiello may have gone Paula Deen all over Twitter in a pair of ridiculously racist Tweets last year.

The Philadelphia Daily News has unearthed a pair of messages allegedly sent from an account previously run by this MasterChef contestant - and they make Deen look like Gandi by comparison.

Krissi Biasiello Picture

“Why do the 76ers keep coming up in my who to follow," reads one. "i HATE basketball. NBA = N*ggers Bouncing Around #thatsracist.”

Last July, meanwhile, in response to an online poll about sexual habits, Biasiello supposedly wrote:

“Better make sure you’re on top when sleeping with a black guy… Otherwise it’s probably rape.”

Yeah. Wow. There's nothing more that needs to be said about those.

The account behind these Tweets (@KrissiLoud) has been deleted and Biasiello now writes from @MC4Krissi.

No word yet from Fox or anyone at MasterChef regarding these messages and any action that may or may not be taken against Krissi.


While what she said is wrong.....why is someone taking the time to dig thru tweets that go that far back? Wow.


So many have commented on the right to free speech. While the First Admendment does protect freedom of speech, it does not protect all speech. Obscenity, defamation and "fighting words" are just a few forms of speech that are not protected under the constitution. Her words can be interpreted to be obscene or "fighting words".


I was deeply hoping the title
Was exaggerating now im sad i was wrong why do people think like this


Love all the remarks. I'm originally from Italy, came here with my parents when I was 5 yrs old. I recall being in school and being called ( Whop)
who ever came up with that, haven't a clue..Then because we were frugal with spending, they started calling us ( jewwhops)...we just let it pass, did not make a stink out of it...but everybody is so touchy now a days about saying the wrong world. I don't like the N word either I just say black or African-American...


Damn funny!


She's loud, rude, and crass. No one likes her and rightfully so; she's an obnoxious bore!


She's just upset because no man will put his cock in her and no woman would take a running start at her Gunt.


what!! a fat ugly woman and a racist!!!! nuff said

Stacey davis

Ok, so they are nasty remarks, but when did it become wrong to express an opinion. We are supposed to have free speech. The media most certainly does.

@ Stacey Davis

What free speech? You are so full of it too.

@ Joe

Free speech does not include the right to be hateful or to speak falsely about any person or group of persons. If these are true, she essentially said that all black men rape and that's not free speech, that's slander!


What an ugly toad, both in and out.

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