Kris Jenner Pushing for North West Photo Deal, Banning Kim Kardashian from Leaving Home?

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Kris Jenner is refusing to give up.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may have turned a recent $3 million offer in exchange for North West photos, but the family matriarch still believes a deal is possible.

And she's allegedly using Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to get her point across.

Kim Kardashian, Still Pregnant
Kris Jenner in Pink

"She knows Kanye has a huge ego and if it was good enough for Brad and Angie then it should be good enough for Kanye and Kim," a source tells Radar Online of famous couple selling their baby pictures to a tabloid.

Brangelina, of course, famously donated all the profits from these pictures to charity. Why do we doubt that's what Kris has in mind?

Jenner is also trying to cite safety in her greedy argument, telling her daughter and quasi son-in-law that it's better to get the Kim Kardashian baby pics out in a "controlled manner" so the paparazzi is less likely to fight over them.

And until a deal is struck? Another Radar mole claims Jenner isn't even letting Kim leave home.

Kardashian wanted to go see a Beyonce concert in Los Angeles last week... but Kris convinced her otherwise because to be photographed "would have driven down the price on the official photos," this family insider says.

It is true that the reality star is yet to be seen in public since giving birth

The only shot we have of Kim Kardashian as a mother is of her at home taking a nap, courtesy of Khloe Kardashian's Instagram.


I bet you that what really is happening is that they're waiting for a bigger offer.


The Lipo doctors are still working on her.


I Don't care about pictures. This annoying trash family needs to go away.

Ms billie
@ snicker

Seems to me obviously you do care since you took the time to post a comment and more than likely you read the article.


I think she will release the pictures on her talk show to generate more viewers.

@ Maria+Gentle

I can't wait for her crap show to tank! Lol


The whole setup is tacky.


I really don't know why I read this sh!t, except for the fact I can look at these trolls and know I am blessed with my life. Kris Jenner is a pimp of her own family. She is a disgusting piece of trash.

Ms billie
@ DanaJ

As for reading this shit you do it so you have something to bitch about and they can't defend themselves. You sound like someone that has an extreme case of jealousy toward this family. You definitely have no problem being judgmental of Kris Jenner and what she does to the point of calling her names. I would think you would have more class than that being so blessed with your life. Someone that has to rant and call names on here isn't as blessed as you claim to be. Jealously is a problem that can make a person miserable along with those around them.
Kris Jenner is a business woman and one that just so happens to be a very good as well as a very wealthy one at that.
I don't care for reality shows therefore I don't watch them nor do I comment on them. I have better things to do with my time than waste it on something I have no interest in. On the other hand I enjoy reading these articles and also commenting on them.

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