Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant with Third Child?!?

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According to a new tabloid cover story, Kourtney Kardashian simply cannot stop having unprotected sex with Scott Disick.

Indeed, in a clear attempt to knock Kate Middleton and sister Kim Kardashian out of the news, this reality star is reportedly pregnant with her third child.

There are no quotes from Kourtney and no confirmation from any named source on the record, but the following OK! Weekly cover story doesn't mince a single word when reporting the alleged big news:

Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant Again?

While telling North West to move on over, the magazine also features a photo inside of Kourtney on a beach in Miami, purportedly sporting a baby bump.

Could a little boy or girl soon be joining a family that already include Mason and Penelope? And might we actually see Kourtney Kardashian's next baby photos before we even see a single Kim Kardashian baby photo?

Stay tuned!

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If she is she is... Good for her. If she wants kids and she can afford babies go for it.! Congrats if Kourtney is pregnant


Maybe she just ate! Geeze, leave her alone, she probably isn't pregnant. It's OK magazine, no source, lies!


I thinlk having babies is a choice thing if you can afford it, it perhaps goes with the marriage. Since they're having a legalized sex and being faithful to each other, they are bound to have more kids not having a protected sex. You can't live your life in the media and not get criticized, it's nomal. But, no one has the right to judge another because you are not 100% clean. They're living the wanted life, so let them be.


from whom?
scott "The Sick" is out.


Kourtney Kardashian is a wonderful mother! She can have as many babies as she wants its her decision. She Loves her children and has the money which is hard to say about most people these days!


Personally, I hate all of these pieces of TRASH....I swear if she is pregnant again, it's only to get media attention away from her niece North West. This b..ch has no heart. God, can't stomach any one of them. YUKKKKKK

@ Tina

I don't think so. She doesn't use birth control so it was bound to happen again and she is a way better mom then kim will ever be because she's not selfish. Watch the show she always puts her babies first!


Does anyone really give a shit if Kourtney was carrying a litter of puppies?

@ Just playing Devils Advocate

Lol who?


If she wants abig family she certainly has that choice. She seems a devoted mother and can afford them. Since no one here really knows what her relationship with Scott is who are you to judge .

@ Spare+me

Finally someone who has some sense. I totally agree with your comment. Have a great evening.


Please, please, please, NO MORE DEMON KarTrashian spawn, PLEASE !!!


Two kids and maybe a third and a father who still has not grown up. Not fair to the kids and Kourtney is not too bright either.

@ Anne

god only knows who the fathers are!!!!

@ Anne

It seems that Kourtney is very capable of taking care of any number of children SHE decides to have. I believe you are wrong in saying that she isn't too bright because while we are making comments about her, she is making money.