Kim Kardashian Slammed for Trayvon Martin #NoJustice Tweet

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Kim Kardashian has still not been seen since she gave birth to North West a month ago.

But the reality star was definitely heard on Twitter this week, to the chagrin of many critics.

After the George Zimmerman verdict - in which the Florida resident was found NOT GUILTY of murdering Trayvon Martin - Kim was one of many celebs who expressed outrage over the social network.

Kim Kardashian Hides
Trayvon Martin, Hoodie

“My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin’s family & loved ones. Thought & prayers being sent their way. #nojustice," Kardashian wrote.

It was a sentiment similar to what others have expressed, but a slew of users believe Kim isn't entitled to such an opinion - because her biological father was a defense lawyer on the 1995 OJ Simpson murder trial.

“Kim Kardashian tweeted earlier “#nojustice” about the Trayvon case, but her dad was one of the attorneys that got OJ acquitted of murder,” wrote one individual, while another added:

"Kim Kardashian tweets in support of Trayvon when her own father helped get OJ Simpson acquitted. This country is full of so many idiots."

Do you agree? Should Kim Kardashian speak out on legal issues?


God wanted Trayvon to die for his sins, he the only one to decides who lives and who dies?

@ Jon

And Zimmerman is a perfect man. How do you know what God wants? Did he speak to you?


Those running around constantly yelling lord,lord are usually the ones blaspheming scripture no?? Did you read the part about slaves obeying their masters or whatever too??? The kid was shot because he was beating another man;s freaking head into the ground.If there were a video of it you still would deny it happened---BLACKS ARE THE REAL RACISTS OF THE EARTH!!!!


Trayvon was shot cause racist ass Zimmerman stalked him got out if his car with his gun. Zimmerman was told not to engage he did not listen. How was trayvon to know what or who GZ was? He had no logo on his vehicle he was not in a uniform
GZ had 2 things on his side{assume he was afraid} his vehicle and a gun. Stay your ass in your car or run back to it if you are afraid and wait til the REAL police get there. If I see someone running towards me and I was just walking home talking on my phone what would you think?


All you unbelivers are going to have to give an account of how you speak about human life. God is in charge of everthing!. God knows everthing. Those who commented about our president. Remember, God put """Obama in the white house. Those who think God is not looking and listen to how you speak about people who are different colors. God is taking notes. Those who are not saved are going before the " Great White Throne". This is your judgement. If you think you have rights to take life and disrespect the young man who die and feel you can laugh and not have a heart for life. You don't see the big picture. God allowed the situation to happen. Zimmerman case is a case to check your consideration for differences. The Lord knows your heart and your ability. We were allowed you see that a human being was destroyed, by a bad choice. A human being was destroyed only because of the color of his skin. It is sad, that it makes you mad that the race is mentioned. Because your thinking does not have the correct gene to open your heart and process that in any race, this murder was wrong. If your heart was truly opened to see this life was different only on the outside, but this child's life was the same on the inside. as maybe your child. The Lord will judge all man. If you are happy Zimmerman go off, think again. Zimmerman is going to the Lake of Fire if he does not repent. We all must die, but we all must be saved. to not go to the "Lake of Fire", Christains know we will all will die once.The unbelivers have two deaths. The second death is the "Lake of Fire" after standing before the "Great White Throne". They say there will be "nashing of teeth". So keep talking crazy and speaking awful ideas, awful comments, and awful opinions about people attaching "boon" to their names. We know they those comments are about people of color. Instead turn your heart to the Lord and repent to be saved. We all must be saved. The Lord will forgive you.


Does she even know enough about what happened to comment? I doubt it! All of the Ks are so wrapped up in their own unreal lives, I seriously doubt they know what goes on right outside their doorsteps. Personally, I think she was mimicking Kanye more than sharing her own personal opinion.


Kim K needs to be put into quarantine,Too many brothers up her ass.STD city right there.Apparently she didn't get the CDC memo that reported black males having 6-10 times the HIV incidence rate of white males.You could drive a dodge ram up that V-jay of hers..


I don't give a flying fig what her opinion is on anything.


Robert Kardashian did next to nothing on OJ's trial except act as a hand holder. He was OJ's close friend and there is some evidence and suspicion that he may have gotten rid of a suitcase brought to his house by A.C. Cowlings (along with OJ) that may have contained some physical evidence linking OJ to the crime. Kardashian mainly helped OJ to pick who his attorney's would be - a job a lot of people wanted for the publicity and money - and supported him by being his friend and sitting next to him at the trial. Kardashian was never a great trial lawyer but it has been said he was a very good attorney and a great deal maker. Kardashian did the right thing by getting his friend qualified and excellent trial lawyers and by supporting OJ. Obviously, right or wrong, Kardashian also was a good and loyal friend. None of that really has anything to do with his daughter's thoughts on the Zimmerman trial.

@ karen

Thank you, Karen.
Nice to see a 'Real' comment with 'Real' documented facts. No ranting, raving , blaming or cursing.


I usually don't make comments, just read them for my cheap intertainment. However this case is not entertaining. It's very sad for both families. Unless you were at the trial and heard all the evidence presented. It is not possible to judge fairly. I have been enticed with Kim K she has the attention of a vast number of people. She is a very beautiful and smart business women. She got her name out there again.

@ sunny

You're right Sunny. Unless someone heard all of the evidence the jury members heard, they may have little idea of why the jury reached the verdict they did.


Think twice next time you f--k with someone who has a gun you little black punkass bitches...Zimmerman's only sin was he couldn't fight for squat...but smith and wesson what a wonderful equalizer against a crime wave!

@ 220 Volt

It's hard to think twice when you have been murdered.
Ignorant Puke.


WORTHLESS F-N N###R LOVER SLUT !! You are a piece of trash and can go suck a N###R TURD DIK WHORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@ Tray-boon was a thug

boy you should know what a slut is you must be one when people date and have sex with the person their dating at the time their not a slut and if the relationship doesn't work out yeah the couple is going to split and not everyone gets married before having a baby there are plenty of people out there that have a babies before getting married or don't plan on getting married

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