Kim Kardashian Baby Pictures: Not for Sale?!?

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Note to all of those holding your breath in anticipation of Kim Kardashian baby photos:

You might want to exhale. It could be awhile.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Kim and Kanye West have actually turned down a $3 million offer from an Australian magazine and may legitimately withhold little North West from public viewing for the foreseeable future.

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West, Walking

"Kanye's been adamant about not having the baby on [Keeping Up with the Kardashians]," an insider tells the magazine. "He was serious when he said North isn't America's baby, so he may not do anything."

This same source says West has become an ultra conservative, protective parent, even describing him as a "super worrywart.

There's a term we never thought would be applied to Kanye West.

Of course, the couple could just be holding out for more money. There's no telling how much tabloids will pay to splash North West on their cover.

But Kim has been noticeably quiet since her daughter was born, shying away from the typical media frenzy that accompanies even mundane developments such as shoe shopping.

"Motherhood has changed her," a mole swears to Us.


Well sooner or later the picture of...NW...will show up..and no matter if they are rich people...they will sell them...Kim wont wait that long and if kayne has a tight hold on his is being a ...Good mom and obeying what ever Kayne says...Imagine that...well lets see how long that lasts before kim starts throw her tantrums or what ever she does to get her ways...But ...Just....Maybe....She is really trying to change to better herself...Best of Luck to ya'll...

@ Lola

I hope you are kidding about Kim
being a good mom for obeying
Kanye West.Really, OBEYING?
I'd say scared is more like it.Kanye's an arrogant dick who thinks he is a genius when he's
just an obnoxious puke. He wants
NW to be his little clone. He want's to bully her cause he's the
Babydaddy, not America. Oh well,
all this supposed 'drama' has given the K's the attention they
feed off of.Kim kicking his smart
ass to the Kurb would totally kause a kerfuffle.Who cares?
I can't believe anyone falls for this
contrived Krap!


They are greedy for money. This is why they had this child in the first place. To make money off of it. I'm sure they are holding out for the highest bidder.


With that name, he'll be a hit in history class! hahaha God help us all. Peace


You can lay odds that Kris will find a way to leak the photos while pocketing a ton of cash!! You can also bet that the kid will be on KUWTK if Kris has any say in the matter...and we all know she does. Personally I don't care either way. I'm curious what the kid looks like but just stop with the lies.


They may show the baby photos online like Mariah Carey and Beyonce did. They can create a website especially for the baby photos or display the photos on their own twitter, facebook, etc. whatever they personally have. There is no need for them to sell any photos to any magazines, they don't need the money.


When Brad and Angelina had their baby they sold the photos
Of the twins and shiloh and gave all the money to charity.
I love them both.
Jessica Simpson did not sell her babies photos.
Love her to. Now that's something good.
Bless all of them. AbOVE
KK«»KW bullshit they will sell it to the highest bidder.
We are suppose to believe that they both have changed since giving birth?{ NOTHING RACIAL}


First it was $2 million. Now the anty is up to $3 million by some Australian magazine. Either the K's are playing you, THG, or they're dumb enough to think they can create a bidding war for these pics. No one's buying!


She is more interested in getting a rong on it! Found Kanye will NOT TOLERATE EXPLOITING HIS CHILD, WHEN SHE IS SO PREMATURE AND STRUGGLING TO GAIN LIFE, OVER PUBLIC CURIOSITY. SETTLE KYMs Media obsession... For we are sick of her!!!


who cares --eventually youl see the kid on tv- Please ppl ,their just ppl.
North west ???? what kind of a name is that ??


This is his doing I'm sure, not Kim's or her mothers..

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