Kim Kardashian Baby Pictures: Not for Sale?!?

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Note to all of those holding your breath in anticipation of Kim Kardashian baby photos:

You might want to exhale. It could be awhile.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Kim and Kanye West have actually turned down a $3 million offer from an Australian magazine and may legitimately withhold little North West from public viewing for the foreseeable future.

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West, Walking

"Kanye's been adamant about not having the baby on [Keeping Up with the Kardashians]," an insider tells the magazine. "He was serious when he said North isn't America's baby, so he may not do anything."

This same source says West has become an ultra conservative, protective parent, even describing him as a "super worrywart.

There's a term we never thought would be applied to Kanye West.

Of course, the couple could just be holding out for more money. There's no telling how much tabloids will pay to splash North West on their cover.

But Kim has been noticeably quiet since her daughter was born, shying away from the typical media frenzy that accompanies even mundane developments such as shoe shopping.

"Motherhood has changed her," a mole swears to Us.


Who wants to see what the offspring of that whore and her ugly boyfriend looks like? Does that guy ever smile or laugh?


Motherhood has changed her? The baby is how many days old? People
don't change that fast. Last time before North, Kim was going south over her beautiful "shape" being ruined. Betsaya all of a sudden her weight comes down because she had a surrogate deliver. I put nothing past these people.I agree w/Rod+Long.


Of course she'll sell them! This is just a stunt to UP the money. Anyone can see that. They think everyone's stupid. The baby is a bargaining chip. Kim would sell her mother for $$$bucks....(Her as a mother, I'd
sell her too)


Once William and Kate have their little one, K and K will try to get more money and shift the focus on their half breed,

Ms billie
@ jacasa

You need to get the hell over your racist bullshit and stop calling their baby that. Why don't you do a thorough check of your family history you may be surprised what you find. Only idiots attach an innocent child with their stupidity.


Jersey Cow Tits to suck on and came from a Grand Canyon Pussy!

Ms billie
@ Rod+Long

You are just one nasty person Karma will bite you good for that.


Who's gives a crap.

@ Willy Brown



A picture of that baby is worth a fortune. They might as well sell it themselves and get it over with. Everybody with a camera or cellphone will be on the look-out for a chance to snap a multi-million dollar pic.


Good luck to the both of them...


Now this is a story folksKanye vs the Kardashuans


New babies to a family CHANGE everyone. The *Gestapo* is AGING now, oh, I mean Kris. I think it is a great idea to NOT permit the papparazzi get even a SQUOSH photo of little girl. Give that little girl a NICE life, and AVOID all of the CRAP from the papparazzi. Good IDEA.

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