Kim Kardashian Baby Picture Delay: Might Something Be Wrong?

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It has been six weeks since Kim Kardashian gave birth to a daughter and, to the consternation of many, not a single North West photo has been shared with the public.

No Facebook image. No talk show appearance. No tabloid cover pose.

Might this be because Kim and Kanye West were waiting for the Royal Baby to be born? So they could retake the spotlight for themselves?

Or perhaps Kanye has truly made a stand and insisted on keeping his family life private?

Kim Kardashian, Pre-Birth

Or could there be a far more upsetting reason: Is everything okay with little Nori?

The child was born five weeks early and weighed only 4 pounds, 15 ounces at the time.

Babies born this prematurely often suffer from jaundice; a difficulty in putting on weight; and their lungs can be late to fully develop, which can lead to pneumothorax.

All accounts so far say that North West is happy and healthy - and we very much hope those are accurate. But considering the circumstances and timing of her birth, it's possible that a physical ailment is to blame for the delay in her debut.

What do you think is the reason for why Kim Kardashian is yet to release any baby photos?


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Kim Kardashian Baby Picture Delay: Might Something Be Wrong?
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North west must be sick cause 4 lb 15oz is a small weight they cant tell us all that she is healthy thats bullshit shes a prem baby or it must be kayne not wanting people to see the baby hes an idiot i hate him


The MOST important thing in Kim Kardashian's life is to be on the front page of every newspaper and the first item on every newscast, EVERYDAY! If everything were fine with this baby she would have been out there on the day after she was born! Something is wrong! People are saying she wants to just be with her baby right now! Hogwash!!!!!!!


These two are far from parent material. I feel so sorry for this baby.


or the bay is very, very ugly........

@ windolin

Kim k is vain enough to keep the baby from the public eye if SHE thought her baby was pretty enough. Again, not parent material!


Why the f*ck are you people so pressed about this woman's baby? let her be, she will show her when she is ready, you maggots just want her to come out so you can fat shame her and talk sh*t about her and her baby. I am happy she is being low key, find someone else to use for your idiot blogs and tabloids. If she came out 2 or 3 weeks later you would have beat her over the head for bringing the baby out too early, the baby is only 5 weeks old and she is a premie so she is probably just at a good solid weight, who in their right mind would bring a baby that size out in public? other than to the doctors or to a family member house? Kim got you haters like crack heads, searching for a crack rock. SAD!!!! and stop speaking ailment on this woman's child, what a bunch of idiots.


my daughter was 2 1/2 months premature weighing at 2 pounds 14 ounces she never was even close to being diagnosed with jaundice, her lungs were pretty much fully developed, she never needed oxygen, babies born from 34 weeks plus usually are mostly fine. my daughter when she was born didnt look fully developed and she was small, her head was the size of a baseball, but she is now 3 years old and very smart, still a little small, weighing at 27-28 pounds but im 4'11 and her dad is 5'9 at 125 pounds. so she will be small, im more than sure her baby has nothing wrong with it being born early, i wouldnt even say a month early is premature.


I believe the reason there has been no pictures is cuz of these and Articles and comments. No one in their right mind would release a pic of their baby the was some of these sites create articles about them based on lies. I hope no pic is released until she goes to school. Kim doesn't owe the public anything


Abe, you are disgusting and should be banned from making comments.

@ Gramma2KT

BAM!!!! Nail on head.

@ Gramma2KT

I second that. He always has the most racist, homophobic and unintelligent comments on this site.


Maybe she has Kanye's face and Kim's lips? That's a scary thought. I would hide her too!

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