Kim Kardashian Baby Photos to Premiere on Kris Jenner Talk Show?

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Leave it to Kris Jenner, folks.

While the reality series matriarch is reportedly having trouble selling Kim Kardashian baby photos - because Kanye West is objecting to any tabloid deal - Jenner may still find a way to profit off little North West after all.

Talk show ratings style!

Kris on Today

Jenner appeared this morning on Today and sounded especially coy when Matt Lauer touched on the topic of her granddaughter's debut.

"I won't tell you it won't happen," Jenner said of North and Kim actually appearing on her July 15th opener. ["I'll] give you a little something to think about. You never know who's going to show up."

Actually, we do.

Producers have announced that Khloe Kardashian, Joan Rivers, Diddy, Kathie Lee Gifford, Morris Chestnut, NeNe Leakes and Tom Bergeron are among those who will co-host each week alongside Jenner.

As for North? Would anyone be surprised if she ended up with a tiny mic in her hands?

Does this tease change your mind about Kris? Will you now tune in to her talk show?


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Kim Kardashian Baby Photos to Premiere on Kris Jenner Talk Show?
Now tell me it's not real!




i rilli want to wacth dat show and see d baby luks actually cause i love her mum


Who cares


She would do whatever it takes in order to get what she wants.


I will definitely love to watch that show. I think it will be great. Feel good for others as you also pray for a good life.


I hope everyone knows Kim is her mothers favorite and Kris is not going against anything to piss off Kim and Kanye. I hope the public doesn't see Kims baby until she starts school and I hope Kim continues to be alot more private


Never watch The today show,or the trash that this crap family tries to shove down everyone's throat!

@ Snicker

Since you feel this way about the Today show and Jenner/Kardashians, then why did you take the time to read and then post a negative comment? I know it's your opinion, but wouldn't you rather use that negative and mean energy and put it to something more useful and positive? Try it, maybe you'll feel better about yourself and then it can lead to a more happy you!!!


I'll watch it. Curious to see how it goes. Maybe Kris will surprise us all and it will turn out good. I don't understand all the hatred and negative additude.Never did anyone any harm. I never hear any of the Kardashians speak negative or bad about anyone. People read some stupid rag magazines and they pass judgement. Shame on you.

@ queenofpoland

I totally agree with you. Too bad there aren't more people like us that are happy with our lives and for others.


Good idea for co-hosts. She couldn't handle it on her own!

@ Robocop

I have seen other talk shows, and most have co-hosts. What's wrong with that? Kris Jenner has a show, so where's yours?

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