Kim Kardashian Baby Photos: Delayed By Royal Baby Arrival?

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One set of famous baby photos down... one more to go?

With Kate Middleton and Prince William having already debuted a couple Royal Baby pics - just a day after he was born! -  many are wondering: What the heck is taking Kim Kardashian and Kanye West so long?!?

Daughter North West came into this world on June 15 and, five weeks later, nary a single picture of the tyke has been released.

Kimye Photograph
Kate, William and Royal Baby

Has Kanye West truly laid down the anti-tabloid law? Is Kris Jenner just holding out for the best deal possible?

Or might the family have been waiting for Middleton to deliver in order to regain the spotlight for itself?

Many theories are out there regarding why the most publicity-hungry reality stars in history have gone silent in the midst of such a monumental event, but the best we've heard is this:

Kim Kardashian went into early labor. The timing of this event threw off the Kardashian's initial plans to roll out little Nori.

And once they got everything in order, Kris and kompany were afraid that Kate and William - the only potential new parents alive who could actually shove Kim and Kanye to the sideline - would welcome a Royal bundle of joy around the same time North West photos came out, rendering them irrelevant.

But now that the British baby is here? And has already been seen by millions around the globe?

We'd be shocked if Kardashian didn't debut her child before the month is over.

Either that, or she really is cherishing motherhood and desiring privacy, as the miracle of birth has given Kim a new view on life and she's realized the importance of... HA! Just kidding. Nori will make her debut very soon.


We do not care about Kim and KW.... Congragulations for both Mother & Father by Royal... Very beautiful baby!!!!




First of all I wish you and all the other bloggers would stop calling her Kate Middleton, she is married now, and no, nobody cares to see NW.

@ wtf


@ wtf



YEAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! We do not care to see KK & KW baby. Kate and Williams was much more exciting.


Mel, idiot


Mel, do 1


LOL!!! all these who cares but there are 118 comments here. Yeah sure you don't care. IDIOTS.


Why are you all so freaking pressed to see her baby? I hope she doesn't show it for 6 months send all you idiot bloggers and crackhead haters crazy. You people are idiots, claim not to like them but pressed to see there kids.

@ Mel

@MEL you are 100% right


U know I find it to be amazing Kim K is doing Nothing to stay in the news. She has not released Not one statement except a few Bday shout outs on Twitter and still every waking day of some peoples lives they Live to Bash Kim and Kanye. Kim never has a responds a the bad articles keep coming. I hope Kim realizes now How bad social media and the cameras is for her and her family and after six months have went by and they are still spinning Bad articles she never returns to that life again especially for her baby


If Kim-Kan decided to hold off on releasing baby pictures because they felt threatened by the Royal Baby - they should feel threatened because they are not royalty in any way shape or form. Sure, they have a ton of money and will continue to amass more money but money doesn't buy class. In their case it only buys gold toilets. Just look at the photo of the Royal couple with their wonderful bundle of joy and then look at Kim-Kan with their baby - Oh, no, there is no photo because they are selfishly holding out for big bucks. Disgusting! Even if Kate and William were not royalty, they look and act the part - they are a class act. On the other hand, we, on the other side of the pond have Frick ad Frack wanna-bees. In fact, Kim-Kan should be paying the National Enquirer to print photos of the three of them.

@ Kevin

Oh man that would be AWESOME if THEY had to pay the National Enquirer just to print the baby pix! I think the one in control of when the first pic is released is KRIS. Granted, the stories say Kanye is totally against releasing a photo to the media but sorry I just do NOT believe that. He's a complete ass & for him to now NOT want the media around just does NOT jive...unless he's in it for the money which TOTALLY sounds like Kanye AND Kris. These people need to fade into oblivion! Celebs are people too folks! Let 'em have SOME kind of private I'm DYING to see Kris Jenner blow a fuse when her entire family fades from the front page!

@ Kevin

Ummmmm you are talking about them are you not? you are an idiot.

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