Kim Kardashian Baby Double: Pushed by Kanye West!

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It seems Kanye West may have learned a duplicitous thing or two from Kris Jenner.

A week after Jenner fooled the world with a fake photo of North West, a new report alleges that West wants to take this idea a step further:

Body doubles all around!

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West, Walking

Is that really you, Kim and Kanye?!?

"It may seem slightly paranoid, but he's deadly serious about it," a source tells Now Magazine. "Kanye's terrified they could be the target of a kidnap attempt - or worse. There are a lot of crazy people out there and he keeps saying he'll do whatever it takes to keep his family safe."

To that end, the artist is pushing Kim Kardashian to agree to the use of body doubles for all three members of this popular famous.

When the parents and their mysterious child do eventually leave their mansion, "the plan is for them to go out in separate vehicles to throw anyone planning to follow them off the scent," according to this same insider, who adds of West:

"He's always been a worrier. But now he's a father, he says he isn't prepared to take any chances."

Kardashian, meanwhile, has remained unusually mum since becoming a parent.

She has spoken out only once, thanking fans for their support and saying she's taking some time to "enjoy motherhood."


Kanye seems to be MENTALLY UNSTABLE. He isn't SECURE with himself at all. He always looks like he has HATE on his FACE, and doesn't look very NORMAL.. It is good that Kim isn't marrying him, because he would be the WORST of two choices, one being Humphries. In this case, Humphries was in a more MANNISH mode, where Kanye, seems to be ALWAYS in a fantasy type world.


Lmao who the f wants to steal a baby nowadays William n Kate didn't care they say we ain't gotta hide here's our pretty baby we dare you to touch who cares about Kanyae and Kim once the baby drops people wants to see the weight lost and the baby then you become sweet nothing but who the freak cares :-/ K n k you feeln yourselves


Why are y'all bringing up The Royal Family's new baby here. Realize that they are in another country where not everybody isn't trampeding and constantly violating peoples space for some freakin baby pics. Plus no one is the samne. If kim wants her baby to be seen she will let it happen

@ KB

First of all, I have to DISAGREE. The paparazzi for YEARS, since 1994 been giving both Harry/William a little bit of a BREAK with the craziness of photos. Now, this is a newbornd who could be KING in that country. But on the normal side, Kate/William are NORMAL and they have more of a CLASSY genre. More people RESPECT them that anyone in the U.S. repsects Kim/kanye. William is educated, and INTELLIGENT, where kany is just a wannabe.


Who would want any of them they have made everyone sick of their bull.
They are not Royal they have done nothing with their life other then bully and make pure fools about with everything they have done they can never stand in the same line as William and Kate and their baby will be a king. Kim and Kanye child will have to learn about her mothers sex tape and how she made her money and her father a loud mouth and bully money doesn't make you better are above anyone.

@ Patty

What the phk have you been smoking?


They just need more security. They better off just showing the baby on the Kris Jenner show. That way no need to be covert and secretive about pics. It will slow down. But the way Kate and Will showed the baby was awesome! It was like a world family moment. No selling pics etc. much respect to Will and Kate. Look at Bey and Jay....just more security. It eventually calms once enough pics are out. Also be more hands on and not just have anybody and everybody handling their child.


If William and Kate, whom are both royals, can display their baby for the public to see RIGHT after giving birth without any harm done upon them, then I'm sure the delusional and narcissistic Kim and Kanye will be just fine.

@ Olivia

William and Kate had no harm cause they live in forth Knox.


Relax Kim and Kanye. Nobody cares about your kid or ever even seeing it. We would rather see Kate and William's royal baby.


They are all about drama, yes people want to see how North West looks. But the baby is not a god. Get over yourselves. They didn't even treat the royal baby that way. Once people see a picture of their baby no one will care about her anymore. Seems like they are trying to drag it on for publicity.


How stupid does KW and KK look that they wanna make money off there own child's pics... And the royal family brings baby out for the world to see for free...

@ Soul stealer

Mo money Mo money don't they know they can't take it with them when they exit this world. there daughter will end up doing things Kim did and more. So KW and KK be prepared.
Pump your daughter out just like your mother did you.

@ Soul stealer

Brad and Angelina sold there pictures of their twins and gave the money to charity. I love these two people. Unlike
KW and KK there baby is not anything special.

@ Soul stealer

Babies are not all that distinguishable anyways. I haven't seen a purely remarkable baby. They are all beautiful.

@ Soul stealer

Yes. Yes. SO much yes.


Congrats to the royal family and their precious bundle of joy. KW&KK no body want your kid. That is an insult to the royal family.

@ Megan+B

Why is it an insult? They shouldn't be compare to each other, different countries and different people, each gave birth and have the right to do whatever they choose.

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