Kim Kardashian Baby Double: Pushed by Kanye West!

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It seems Kanye West may have learned a duplicitous thing or two from Kris Jenner.

A week after Jenner fooled the world with a fake photo of North West, a new report alleges that West wants to take this idea a step further:

Body doubles all around!

Kim Kardashian with Kanye West, Walking

Is that really you, Kim and Kanye?!?

"It may seem slightly paranoid, but he's deadly serious about it," a source tells Now Magazine. "Kanye's terrified they could be the target of a kidnap attempt - or worse. There are a lot of crazy people out there and he keeps saying he'll do whatever it takes to keep his family safe."

To that end, the artist is pushing Kim Kardashian to agree to the use of body doubles for all three members of this popular famous.

When the parents and their mysterious child do eventually leave their mansion, "the plan is for them to go out in separate vehicles to throw anyone planning to follow them off the scent," according to this same insider, who adds of West:

"He's always been a worrier. But now he's a father, he says he isn't prepared to take any chances."

Kardashian, meanwhile, has remained unusually mum since becoming a parent.

She has spoken out only once, thanking fans for their support and saying she's taking some time to "enjoy motherhood."

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Kim Kardashian Baby Double: Pushed by Kanye West!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw
Have fun


He really needs to get over himself. No one wants any of them, even for a minute, to get the money momager would spew out.


l.o.l.alrino...that funny but very ture...


binkly..please..all what they got is money not a brain..


If the child were taken.... It would be considered a RESCUE. Not a kidnapping!


Where the hell are they going to get a decoy baby, unless it's a doll. What mother would turn her child over to these two nutbars and risk having it kidnapped. Ridiculous!!!


Baby Kimye need protection because she no is unsightly how baby Blue Ivy,
kanye are correct,they are a beauty family


Will this fur ever get over himself? This story is laughable. I guess he could hire a dozen decoys and I still woukdnt give a fig.


Ithink she knows once her babys photos out noone will give a fok about her shell be a boring mama like kendra and eryone bye bye kimmie u r the weakest link goodbye! Kanye is sycho .. Double... Show off ur bebe and people will go away all u wants attentiin at this point

@ Ariel

Wrong. Showing her baby and people are not goin to go away. They are fascinated by her regardless.


There is no baby, you dummies.
No one would want to kidnap their kid and they know that.
She's using a newborn doll. She took it out at least one day and her and the "nanny" put a blanket on the kid and had it on the kid the whole time. Who would do that? It's not real.
She asked Beyonce and Shawn (Jay-Z) for a referral for a good special effects expert. Beyonce's stomach folded in half while she was pregnant. Beyonce used a newborn doll and now she uses someone's boy who is older than what Blue Ivy is suppose to be.
Kim's stomach went up and down and was very flat at times. Get a cluuuuuueeee. She wasn't pregnant. There is no baby. She turned down a nude pregnancy photo shoot. Why? She advertises everything, it's because there's no baby, dummies.

@ Special Effects

WOW. Get a psych eval STAT or get a life.

@ Special Effects

What have you been smoking??!!

@ Special Effects

Funny you say that because I wrote on another site next thing she will do is a photo shoot like demi Moore.


And. Are you jealous. It's not you c