Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner Admit to Faking Orgasms, World Groans

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You might wanna turn away right about now, Lamar Odom and Bruce Jenner.

Your woman just admitted to a national television audience that they've faked orgasms.

Granted, that audience was for Kris. So it wasn't exactly huge.

But during a game of "I Never" more scripted than Keeping Up with the Kardashians, mother and daughter owned up to the occasionally phony "Big O," while Jenner later said she's a member of The Mile High Club.

Watch now... and then find a waste basket into which you can deposit your lunch:


The most annoying family ,how sad they have become!!


When will Kim's bastard child be on Kris' show peeling bananas with her feet?


This fool of a woman thought extending her reality show as a talk show would actually work!!


Two complete morons!


Seriously- if I had sex with either one of them, just to dismount quickly- I also would have a fake one.


This isn't what I meant to keep us interested Kris... WHO GIVES A KRAP!!!!


Oh, fantastik guest Kris. How did you ever manage to book Khloe?
Has it dawned on you yet, that no one wants to be associated with you and your trashy family? Wake up and smell the coffee or pineapple juice or whatever you people are into.


25 hours, 50 minutes and Kate and HRH Baby appear in public. Meanwhile the liposuction doctors are still working on Kimmode and her deformed BASTARD CHILD are in hiding.


Fake an orgasm and cheat yourself.

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