Kate Upton Bikini Photo: Tweeted By Kate Upton!

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All Kate Upton bikini photos are noteworthy, but this new addition is particularly stunning.

First of all, it came from Kate's own Twitter, so you know it's got her stamp of approval.

Second ... JUST LOOK AT IT! Those eyes, that smile ... sorry guys. We'll get to it:

Kate Upton Bikini Photo: HOT!

The 21-year-old blonde beauty shared the gorgeous shot of herself in a white-hot Beach Bunny Swim bikini. "Rough life @BeachBunnySwim," she wrote.

Of her tropical island locale, Upton said, "Gorgeous view today!" Later, she added, "Alright the sun is up... Isn't it time for this night shoot to be over?"

If it inspires Kate Upton bikini photos like this ... survey says NO.

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WHY is this "scandalous"??? SHe is a bikini model. She has big b00bs, so what? SHe is simply STUNNING.


Could someone tell me what's the scandalous part? A woman wearing a bikini that's not particularly revealing? Well, she's overrated as hell, that might be considered scandalous.


scandalous? . . . . maybe if you're a faaaaaaaaaag


And to think all red blooded American hetero males have a bunch
of grade school bullies to thank for this photo...( Kate claims her
motivation for becoming a model was to avenge the harassment
they put upon her in grade school ) Well, it IS said Living well is
the best revenge, no ? Muse on this for a moment if you will: If
that commonplace animalistic bs didn't happen to Kate, we who
admire the female form as art lovers do a Rembrant or Picasso
or Monet, would be robbed of such a beautiful vision as she. It's
all ephemeral in the purely physical world for sure. But if it weren't
there wouldn't be no need for photograpy. As Donald Southerland
said in the movie Fierce Creatures, ex malum bonus. I never trust
those who could'nt love aesthetic beauty & music as they would
life. There would be no life without beautiful women amongst us.
Vincit amor omnia, no ? As my Italian Navy grandad sailor cook
once told me: Aaaaaaaaaaaaay ! Wada U tink a huh ???


...............Carmen Electra a few years back.


She looks marvelous! You go Girl!!!