Kate Middleton Post-Baby Body Media Coverage: Disrespectful to Women?

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Is the media coverage of Kate Middleton's post-pregnancy body, which became THE topic right after she gave birth to the Royal Baby, disrespectful to women?

Kate Middleton Post-Baby Body

Since the moment she and Prince William presented Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge to the world, her figure became a talking point.

Reactions to her appearance ranged from positive to negative to just plain curious.

“Why Does Kate Middleton Still Have Her Baby Bump?” screamed one headline.

“Kate Middleton's royal baby post-bump is a boost of confidence for mums everywhere,” another said. "How can she look so pretty just after giving birth?"

One fashion blogger wrote “in all honesty, the dress was not pleasing to the eye, neither was the stomach. I hope she gets her post-maternity bod soon.”

Scores of Middleton-related search terms clogged the web, such as “diet,” “post baby bump,” “belly,” “stomach,” and “why does Kate Middleton still look pregnant.”

Kate remains wildly popular, but could the whole thing signal that society’s obsession with her looks puts unrealistic stress on mothers and women?

“The media’s neuroticism over Kate’s post-pregnant looks is brainwashing women," human behavior expert Patrick Wanis told Fox News.

How? He says that the intense coverage implies all women will be "judged and criticized unless they meet the new standard - unattainable perfection."

“The obsession with the perfect female body is spiraling out of control.”

The same DAY she gave birth, a weight loss tabloid cover from OK! sparked outcry thanks to its “Kate’s Post-Baby Weight Loss Regime" headline.

As for the medical reason her “bump” is still showing, experts say it takes around 10 days for a woman's womb to contract back to its normal size.

Many praised Kate for her "bravery" in challenging one of the taboos of pregnancy - the post-partum belly - and for not recoiling from the spotlight.

Basically, she's not image-obsessed and doesn't care what people say, and certainly isn't holding out for a huge tabloid photo spread a la Kim Kardashian.

Just the same, when it comes to the media, critics say it's all too much.

“The focus should be on how she feels as a mother and the love and nurturing she will express as well as the bond between her and her newborn," Wanis said.

"Rather than whether or not she still looks hot. And hot for whom?”


She looks great. Most women are not even on their feet until a week after giving birth. Poor thing. It is natural to have a tummy for a while. Back off dumb asses, she just had a baby


What a joke it's impossible to loose post baby fat literally a couple of days after. These magazines and newspapers have no idea, they either have no children of their own or there a bloke or just a sad lonely person.


check out CROWN PRINCESS MARY and her husband presenting the twins, at the hospital that is how a royal should like, and PRINCESS DIANA wore the right attire WAITY likes to dress like a silly girl, this time it backfired, and why was that silly dress short .......ha ha! Willy standards r going down thanks to waity


I really am glad the person writing this article did not bash Kate, and put things in perspective, even though they shouldn't have had to.

@ soapstix1

Backfired how?


People are just mean, with no thought whatsoever about anything but spewing garbage about someone, especaily someon like Kate,
. Kate looked fine. She had on an "appropriate" dress. It wasn't ugly. I don't know anyone who didn't have a baby bump the day after delivery. Good grief, it takes nine month of body changes to get a baby here, so how many minutes is someone going to give a womans baby bump to go down. Kate is not a heavy woman, she is thin and any bump would be obvious. I am disgusted, because I have read she had no bump, when it is obvious she does, to why doesn't she wear something to hide it. People get over it.
I was glad to see this article, because it gave me a way to get this off my chest. I have seen people make ridiculous comments about pregnant women, such as they use pregnancy to get fat, etc., and I just think there is something wrong with the people who find it necessary to attack a new mother, or one who is pregnant.


KATE is a royal, she should have worn something appropriate, why show the belly, the whole world was watching, they dressed like idiots, they are .ROYALS, wearing a cheap uugly dress it looked like a hospital gown and her husband, they r a laughing stock embarrasing couple!

@ sue

Sue you are a major JACKASS, Kate is a regular, real woman, no matter what her title is, have you ever given birth? Based on your comment I don't think so.

@ sue

the only thing laughable is your comment. So she still has a tummy, she just gave birth the day before, her dress is darling and suits her. Will looks cool and comfortable. Really, ya want her to come out in formal wear after delivering an 8 lb. baby? They look nice and glowing as new parents should. but you are entitled to your opinion, as I am mine.

@ sue

Well sue if she is happy with the way she looks have respect you might not like it, but other women do. They did not dress like idiots at all. Jeesh people like you makes me sick judging other people. Have at least respect for them.


People can be very funny the stomach that carry a baby for nine month to just be normal, is not possible its going to take like a month for the stomach to come down to normal. Please appreciate her, period of delivery is btwn life and death it is not easy. BAD MOUTHS


Oh … and the key word in your heading "media coverage" - ppl who can't find proper other jobs. It's never the citizenry you make your money from, nope it's MEDIA coverage - like you're doing here


To this Editor - why do YOU allow this article? It's nonsense. Show us YOUR belly on an everyday basis or your thighs or whatever, or perhaps you have pics of your after-birthing body? show it then. What's the point of this article exactly. SOOO Piers Morgan-ish


How unkind some women can be! I 1 day after delivery, what to you expect? Some people are so unhappy. Kate, you look so lovely and congrats for you and your husband.

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