Kate Middleton Due Date Actually July 23, Mom Supposedly Spills

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Royal Baby Watch '13 is in full swing, but with Kate Middleton's due date having come and gone, we were starting to wonder if it was even the real due date.

Well, it looks like earlier reports of July 11-13 may have been erroneous.

Kate Middleton in a Black Hat

Kate’s mom, Carole Middleton, has reportedly told friends that the baby will be a Leo, the fifth sign of the astrological zodiac ... which begins next week.

According to NBC, the grandmother-to-be allegedly told friends that the royal baby will be a Leo, meaning Kate would not give birth until at least July 23.

News of a later due date would make sense, given that the palace never officially announced the day the royal heir(ess) is scheduled to be born.

The Clarence House official website confirmed only that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting, while Kate Middleton has said only July.

Adding to the intrigue? Prince Charles' wife, Camilla, casually said yesterday that she is hopeful the royal baby will arrive by the end of this week.

So, yeah. Sorry photographers sitting outside the hospital!

A July 23 due date could also explain why Prince William agreed to participate in a charity polo match 100 miles away from his wife this past weekend.

It also could explain why Kate left her Nottingham Cottage home in favor of the cooler temperatures at her parents’ home in Bucklebury, an hour away.

While she could easily make it back to London regardless if need be, such a move would seem more logical if she really isn't due until July 23.

Furthermore, as we saw with Kim Kardashian, going into early labor is not uncommon, so they may have been intentionally vague about her due date.

Leaking a slightly earlier date would allow Royal Baby Watch to reach a fever pitch, but also allow the palace to prepare the proper security measures.

Whenever he or she is born, we can't wait!


hi kate ihope your baby royal well come soon i hope you are not in pain with the baby i hope he or she well come soon


Thank God yesterday, July 17, came and went without Kate having her adorable baby! July 17 was her step grandmother Camilla's birthday......did not want that beautiful child sharing a birthday the same day as her step Grandmother! There is always hope!


she's ready for it, SHE CAN INDEED HANDLE IT!!

@ abe

I agree with taffy, I m also glad the baby wasnt born on the 17th . the baby needs his/ or her own birthday not to share with an adulter like charles and camillacant stand either one of them


I was born on the 23 of july

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