Kate Middleton: Breastfeeding Prince George!

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Among the many topics of speculation ever since Kate Middleton got pregnant was whether the Duchess of Cambridge would breastfeed the Royal Baby.

Well, the verdict is in and it's a yes: Kate is nursing Prince George Alexander Louis, although she has no interest in being a breastfeeding advocate.

Kate Middleton, Prince George

While she wants to remain as private as possible, breastfeeding advocates will surely be thrilled that she has chosen to nurse baby George naturally.

After a shaky start, the Royal Baby has fully taken to it, too.

A senior royal source said: “It would be fair to say that Prince George has a healthy appetite. He is a very hungry little boy. There were some difficulties at first."

“But, after some help from the midwife, they both caught on quickly. As far as I can tell, Kate finds it very relaxing and George is just like any other little baby."

“He can’t get enough. And they all certainly know when he’s hungry - his screams are difficult to ignore. But don’t expect Kate to [advocate] breastfeeding."

"She does not want to be a pin-up for the breastfeeding lobby ... she feels it is a personal choice, and new mums should do whatever feels right for them and their baby.”

Basically, Kate Middleton believes that everybody's different and that while she's chosen to go this route, she'd never judge or push anyone else.

While it's wonderful that she's is nursing her infant, it's equally wonderful that she'd show humility and be understanding and respectful of others.

Talk about leading by example. If her attitude became something people emulated, that would be as healthy for society as any feeding method.

As for the public interest in her breastfeeding, clearly it's overblown, but at least it makes more sense than scrutiny of her post-pregnancy body.

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I am just in awe at how classy they both are. she is a jewel sorely needed for England. I love them both and they do things they want, not what others demand. good girl kate. Diana would have adored you.


Ppl r cruel! Give her some privacy pls.. Shame on u media.


Good for her. Never worked for me as I was too nervous. Appreciate she dirsnt preach to others. Very classy young woman.


Great attitude from a classy young woman!

Emily martin

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Good for Kate! Very happy for them both!.

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