Kanye West FLIPS Out at Cameraman: Don't Talk to Me!

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Kanye West pulled a Dr. Evil on a TMZ cameraman today.

The rapper arrived at LAX and barely gave a reporter the chance to give him props on "Yeezus" before telling him to zip it. To hush. To not dare say another word.

"Don't talk to me," Kanye says in the video below. "I don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know ... tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows... don't talk to themselves..."


Watch the (one-sided) exchange now and someone go get Kanye a chill pill. You knocked up Kim Kardashian, dude. You're basically married to the paparazzi at this point.

And to think ... it was just two months ago when Kanye walked into a pole and absolutely lost his $h!t on the paparazzi in very similar fashion.

Let's go to the instant replay below!


The paprazzi needs to respect and leave Kanye West alone.

@ Ernest

You earn respect, it is not just given. There is nothing to respect about that man. He is an embarrassment.

@ DanaJ

I agree one hundred percent!


then everyone needs to grant his wish and not talk to him plus go a step further by not buying any if his so called rap...no sense in supporting an azzhole that doesnt appreciate it...

@ ShadowZ

What's with all the slave talk? He chooses to be a high profile artist who makes himself controversial. To me he degrades his own race by word and deed. RS says his new album great but he plays the race card for all it's worth.

@ Spare+me

Race Card ??just stop the b.s no one plays the race card ppl always say black ppl do it but they don't

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