Kanye West FLIPS Out at Cameraman: Don't Talk to Me!

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Kanye West pulled a Dr. Evil on a TMZ cameraman today.

The rapper arrived at LAX and barely gave a reporter the chance to give him props on "Yeezus" before telling him to zip it. To hush. To not dare say another word.

"Don't talk to me," Kanye says in the video below. "I don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me or anybody I know ... tell everybody never talk to anyone that anyone knows... don't talk to themselves..."


Watch the (one-sided) exchange now and someone go get Kanye a chill pill. You knocked up Kim Kardashian, dude. You're basically married to the paparazzi at this point.

And to think ... it was just two months ago when Kanye walked into a pole and absolutely lost his $h!t on the paparazzi in very similar fashion.

Let's go to the instant replay below!

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Wendy Williams to Kanye West: How About Spending Some Time With Your Daughter?!

Wendy Williams gave quite the candid opinion about Kanye West today.Turns out, she's not a fan.


This guy is so full of himself it's funny. He is ready made to laugh at.


I need to be honest, I was a hardcore Kanye West Fan. Now I'm so not feeling him right now. I am soooo not feelin dude right now. He is a walking contradiction. He claims that he wants privacy and that he feels like a "New Slave" but he's still going on tours promoting his music. He claims to hate the cameras yet he's with one of the biggest publicity moguls out there, and not only that, but he's having a baby with her, Kim K! So hell no, I'm not buying what Yeesy or "Yeesus" is trying to say right now. Ye can Kick rocks. I don't respect walking, talking contractions. Plain and simple.


He's not a happy person. He's not happy he had a child with Kim and now he's actually married to her shallow, money hungry, family.


Why is it nothing happens to these stars when the hit or brake things that belong to others? I understand they get tired of all the pap's and cameras in their face BUT they knew that what they signed up for when they are sealing themselves to the public, they want all the money they can get from the public than they want the public to leave them alone.


Don't buy Kanye's Music and he will go away.


Can someone give this guy a lesson in a) manners and b) manners! What a rude pig, grow up man you give guys a bad name!!!


Privacy? He knocked up the wrong Ho


Another dramatic Nig


What an incredible Prick, like dude you are a celebrity and you have a celebrity gf not to mention a huge pop star! you chose to live a public life get the fuck over it and stop being a huge dbag!


You think that was screaming?? Really?! That was just a frustrated celeb who was tired of being disrespected. He spoke with intensity for sure, but he definitely didn't scream. Stop inflaming the truth and give the poor guy a break. AND I'm not even a Kanye fan. Couldn't name a single song. I just think your description of his reaction is over the top...