Justin Carter: Arrested For Facebook Comment, Placed on Suicide Watch

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Justin Carter, a Texas teenager, was arrested over a sarcastic Facebook comment and is now on suicide watch, according to multiple news outlets.

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    Why does it never seem to concern US citizens that their jails are entirely abusive & unsafe places? Being raped, beaten, murdered is not supposed to be the point of a jail sentence or correctional facility, and it explains why many people going in under relatively small crimes, come back out hardened criminals.

    Here's how you fix things: make all prisons the same for citizens, politicians, and police. Watch them become safe overnight.


    Why hasn't any politicians stepped in and pulled the common sense card on this? There needs to be some kind of appeal to the REAL WORLD in cases like this, and the people involved in holding him, should have to go to court themselves.
    This is just plain Stupid


    That is fucked up as fuck. My friends and I joke about far worse things...


    Be careful of what you write online especially on social media.


    WHO is Justin Carter and WHY Bis this news?? This website has jumped the shark (for the umpteenth time). Next Nancy Grace will be 'writing' exposes here!

    @ joenamherst

    Justin Carter is the same age as Justin Bieber is.


    Hahaha he deserve it. For being noob :3


    At 19 yrs old he is no longer a kid!!! He should know better!!!
    We need to stop making excuses for dumb people's actions and teach our children respect, responsibility and that there will always be consequences for our actions!!!

    @ Meme

    Yeah totally, making jokes in bad taste should be punishable by death. Freedom of speech is for pussies anyway. Let's ruin anyone's life who speaks out of turn.

    @ Meme

    People like you piss me the fuck off. Kill yourself.

    @ Meme

    "consequences for our actions" Yeah, I'm going to tell my children that our government ignores the constitution, and unlawfully places a 19 year old in jail. Where he is then constantly beaten to a point where he is on the brink of suicide. If what he did was a real reason to be arrested for, 80% of people on the internet would be arrested one way another. Fuck you.


    Sorry but, when I was 19yrs. old I was a mother of a 1yr. old daughter & HAD to act responsibly. Granted we did not have social media but, you have to act your age. He must have seen or heard recent reports of school violence unless he's been so absorbed with his imaginary games. So now he has to man up & learn about jailhouse violence. LOL JK


    this kid was obviously being sarcastic. if someone calls me "crazy" i sure as hell would say something (but not do) crazy like, "yeah cause i'll kill my family." he was obviously hurt by them calling him crazy and all those names, so he said something that would be a stupid remark back "proving their point"


    come on people if i was to carry out a shooting successfully i will make sure that i wouldn't do anything that will alert people but still that is a stupid comment to post especially when you are living close to an elementary school. Anywas prevention is better than cure can't rule out anything these days.

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