Justin Bieber Vows to Stand By Lil Twist

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It's a question many have asked for months:

Is Lil Twist a bad influence on Justin Bieber?

And should the singer put distance between himself and the rapper, especially now that Twist has been arrested for smoking up while driving?

But if fans are seeking an answer from Bieber, they may not like the one TMZ source allege he has given: Lil Twist isn't going anywhere.

Lil Twist Photograph
Biebs in Sin City

Despite pleas from other members of his entourage, Bieber has no plans to evict either Lil Twist or Lil Za from his mansion. Nor will he forbid them from driving around in his expensive cars.

Both Twist and Za played roles in almost every Bieber scandal over the past few months, from getting high to drinking sizzurp to speeding around the neighborhood to peeing in mop buckets.

But Justin is taking a stand, this insider says.

He has been surrounded by adults most his life and has finally found pals his age and he doesn't believe he should abandon them. No matter what they do or say.

Is this a righteous stand? Or is it loyal to a fault?

Sound off now: What should Justin Bieber to about Lil Twist?


justin bieber is the most famous singer in albania and he is my favourite singer since i was 10 years old.i hope you take my mesage
they're likely lovers


He can't have it both ways. Selena made him promise to straighten up as a condition to get back together. The ONLY way to do that is change his habits & who he hangs out with. He can support both of them without living with them BUT not unless they straighten up too. Frankly I don't think JB can do it. He's too stuck on himself & if he REALLY cared about Selena he wouldn't have been such a dickhead while they were together OR after they split. He would have done EVERYTHING he could to keep her happy & make sure they both had successful careers AND maintained a good image & been a good role model all at the same time.


JB needs 2B locked up for a while. Have him share a cell with Jerry Sandusky.


They're likely lovers


How do we get this child out of the country,

@ robertL

I wound let him listin to Justin bieber

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