Justin Bieber Promises to Stop Being D-Bag, Reconciles with Selena Gomez

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They've been back, they've been forth and now they are apparently together again... with a major catch.

Sources confirm that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber ARE back together, as evidenced by the photo of the couple on July 4, the date on which Bieber allegedly made a promise to Gomez:

He would stop acting like such a douchebag.

Selena Gomez on July 4
Justin Bieber Sings for Fans

Ever since the pair split in late 2012, Bieber's behavior has noticeably changed.

He's driven around recklessly (a lot), he's got into screaming matches with his neighbors, he's peed into mop buckets and cursed off Bill Clinton.

Selena has looked down on the young man Justin has become, but he finally convinced his fellow artist last week that he could change his ways.

According to TMZ, she believes him and Jelena is most definitely a go once more.

Can the pretty singer tame his yearning-to-be-wild heart? Or will the Wild Boyz and overall bros-before-hos philosophy win out? You tell us, THGers:

Do you think there's a real future for Bieber and Gomez?


It's a shame he let fame go to his head. Why can't he behave and look at all the young teen idols out there who have their act together like Justin Timberlake? He's a positive role model who never let fame go to his head. Just say'in.

@ sugarmom13

What do you expect from a Child !


This is your top story of the day. Obviously you cater to the 12-16 year old demo.

@ Spare+me



He's a punk! She can do soooooooooooooooooooooo much better!


This article is over the top. The peeing in a bucket happened only once 5 months ago not many times. He apologized to Clinton and everything is fine with them. His driving problems have been exaggerated. What his friends have done have been vicariously charged to him adding to that impression. He is making the mistakes common to a lot of teens today who will grow out of it.


Someone should slap bieber just for the hell of it. He's a punk ass bitch who can't handle Selena!

@ justinnot

Nope...He's a stupid kid who got way in over his head trying to play the fame game, and trying to be cool and hang with all the wrong people like Lil Twist and whomever else is influencing his bratty behavior as of late. Basically the trappings of fame and his environment is sick. He'll never get better until he disassociates from Lil Twist and pills up his damn pants too while he's at it!


If Bieber swore not to be a d-bag on July 4, what's his excuse lately? I find him repulsive.


Selena most likely is USED to him. She might LOVE him, BUT is NOT in love with him. Selena, you CAN'T change someone who is used to getting their OWN way. He is a douchebag and that is his FAULT. Plain as the nose on your face. To stoop to this level for PRESS, is BELOW what I expected from YOU.


She probably only got back with cause she is promoting something.
And for his behaviour he started in this business at13, he didn't have a chance to be a kid..let him blow off some steam

@ laffy

He probably willl give a BLOW to someone JUST FOR PRESS... let him do it!!??laffy you are just another NIMROD, of a douchebag then. As kids MATURE they don't PISS in PUBLIC

@ Geronimo

I have seen drunk kids piss in public including pictures of a lot of celebrities doing the same thing-check it out on Google. Why make him a special target for hate. Kids like him make similar mistakes all the time; he is learning, he will improve. Give him a chance.

Ms billie
@ ivan

I'm sorry he's in a position that second chances don't make a difference. He's an idol for young impressible kids once done there's no going back these kids will swear by his stupid ass and any unacceptable behavior.

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