Justin Bieber Pees in Bucket, Curses Off Bill Clinton

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Good luck defending Justin Bieber now, fans.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the singer and his friends are exiting a New York City nightclub through the kitchen when Justin stops to pee in a mop bucket, bragging about how honored the restaurant ought to be that this singer's urine is being deposited in such a location.

We somehow doubt the janitor who will have to deal with this waste-infested water will feel the same way, however.

Bieber then sprays a cleaning liquid on a photo of Bill Clinton and curses off the ex-President for some reason, as he and his "wild boys" gleefully run from the scene, asking about their beer.

The video was shot last year and does not paint Bieber in a very positive light. Selena Gomez may have made the right call on this one, folks...


He started off as a cute, likeable kid, which is what his girl fans fell for. Now that he's turned into a goofy looking badly behaved brat you'd think these girls would move on - surely love can't be that blind!

@ TeeCee

Seriously? Teens act stupid...that's a fact but this moron is out of control egomaniac...and that's ok cause he WILL go the way of other teen idols, that would be into oblivion if you didn't know. The kids a jerk and it's going to be awesome when he realizes his 15 minutes are almost up. And I saw your other post...no, we have not seen Timberlake and other doing dumb stuff like this...you didn't see any pictures stop making stuff up dummy. Bieber will never be Timberlake and I bet that eats him up!


Young girls, you need to find someone else. This little egotist is not worthy of your time or caring.


I wish this no talent punk would just go away. I am sick of hearing his name. What a loser.


what a dumb, dumb kid, his mother needs to just slap him

@ dartsiwin

So he made a mistake because he had a beer or two. Have you seen Spring Break where college students do worse things? Have you been to clubs in NYC? I Have. Also check out celebrities that have pissed in public articles in the internet. You will be surprised at the number of celebrities with pics pissing in sidewalks, the airport, buckets, and so on. Probably some are your favorites. We all do stupid things after a couple of beers.

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