Girls Kiss at Gay Pride Parade; Photo Blows Up Reddit

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This photo from New York's Gay Pride Parade is setting Reddit on fire.

Why? There are two distinct possibilities, as THG sees it:

  1. It's two human beings showing that all of us are created equal, that we are who we are, and that all love is truly beautiful and worth appreciating.
  2. It's two hot girls kissing.
Gay Pride Parade Photo

Who would've guessed Lady Gaga's National Anthem performance - during which she shouted out the "rainbow flag" and changed "home of the brave" to "home for the gays" - would be the second-most buzzed-about moment from the annual LGBT celebration ...

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I lost my house, my upcoming, my most effective colleague, my really like, all kinds of things that evening, she mentioned.


If I had to guess, Kyralyn wants to be a cop because she wishes she were a man and has a bit of the 'ol "penis envy"- your strap on sex with your "girlfriend" only buys you a sure thing one way ticket to hell, no judgement there, just pointing out the obvious reward anyone that practices disgusting, perverted, and unnatural acts. Ask forgiveness, turn your life around and you might not burn, it's never too late for redemption on the personal level but as far as our society goes- the toilet is where it's already at- a society of waste and sewage

@ SinNingButSaved

If I had to guess you are homophobic. God loves everyone. Stop with the judgmental BS.

@ Kellie

Homophobia is a conjured term for a fear of homosexuality- I don't fear homosexuals themselves, they are just sick people who can either be helped or not. On the other hand, I am deathly afraid of the way homosexuality is surging through our society and culture on the back of political correctness, the children growing up in this age are being force fed a disgusting diet of homo-media telling them that it's "normal" for girls to kiss girls, it's "ok" to have sex outside of a committed monogamous relationship, before adulthood even, and it's "acceptable" to flaunt their sexuality like some kind of cat in heat. To judge is to be judged, I offer no judgement, only a warning and a promise to those who would go against the God and spit in the face of nature herself. God will not discriminate, she is unbiased in her decision to burn the unrepentant sinners of this world, but God will also forgive up until the last minute, if you are truly sorrowful she will offer you redemption, yet she is the only Judge, my words are but warning and disgust at a nation of sick and perverted animals that will hopefully be wiped out by plagues of their own creation spawned from the loins of their own lustful perversions and sick indulgences


Oh hey it's me & my girlfriend!! Haha kinda surprised that I'm up here but I'm not mad about it!


Wow. This looks like a couple who met on Me-Harmony. Love yourself much?


You have your two reasons backwards. The only reason this is popular is because its two smoking hot women making out!!!


There is nothing wrong with this, they are two people in love, we are no one to pass judgement on to these people. How does it actually affect us? I mean really? These men and women who are with one another do absolutely nothing to those of us who are straight, they are humans like us, they live, breath and eat just like everyone else. They feel and know the difference between right and wrong. It really is time for everyone to embrace them and move on from this subject and just get over the fact that there are gays in our world.

@ Sonia+

Amen! Couldn't have said it better! Thanks


Ughh, I can't get these stupid spammails to cease and desist but for now- @free Britney- woaaaawwww wtf is up with you??? You're a horrible writer, I seriously hope you aren't getting paid for your horrendous attempts at reporting, regardless- what in the world makes you think these disgusting animals are "hot"??? It's two amoral beasts that should be euthanized and forgotten unto oblivion. Homosexuality is a perversion of nature and is firmly rooted in lust and decadence. Just because you love a member of the opposite sex does not mean you should be grinding your labia's together or sticking yourself in a filthy anus. Orgasm is a wonderous experience that should be shared between a MAN and a WOMAN, if you have unnatural urges to sexually engage a member of the same sex you are no different than a grimy little gutter monkey, those which eat their own defecation and have no self control and certainly no place in human society. Our world will be consumed by fire and only those who have pursued a life course toward purity and efforts to separate oneself from the rest of the deplorable creatures viruly spreading our globe. Sinners repent lest you be destroyed and forever burn in hellfire, you can wash the shit off your cock and rinse the cunt from your lips but only through Christs forgiveness can your soul be cleansed

@ SinNingButSaved

No true Christian would ever say such hateful, perverse things about two people he knows nothing about. Stop using God's name to defend your bigotry and come out of the closet already.


I still love hot lesbians.


You're all ignorant assholes. The bible says you can't do half the shit that all of you do anyway. There's absolutely no proof that god exists anyway. Bible could of been written by a 40 year old man who was just bored. If god truthfully is loving, accepting, and died for our sins, why can't he accept all people? What does skin color or sexual preference have to do with anything? How do you even know there's a heaven or hell? Grow the fuck up. Them kissing doesn't do anything to ruin the quality of your life. Discriminating someone because they like the same gender is just wrong.

@ Youredumb

Exactly! Thank you!

@ Amandalynn

Skin color has nothing to do with anything as far as God is concerned but definitely sexual preference and sexual activity is a major issue and concern with Him. satan is the only one who accepts supports, and encourages all the perverts, the degenerates, the fudgepackers and carpetmunchers, etc. He also accepts anyone who doesn't believe in God. You will find out that there is really a Heaven and Hell, God and satan when you take your last breath.


I think its sweet