George Zimmerman Verdict: NOT GUILTY of Murder, Manslaughter in Trayvon Martin Trial

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Following a weeks-long trial and a case that has captivated the nation for a year and a half, a Sanford, Fla., jury has reached a verdict in the George Zimmerman case:

Not guilty of murder or manslaughter.

George Zimmerman in Court

They reached a verdict after deliberating all day Saturday. Late in the evening, jurors asked for clarification on the instructions regarding manslaughter.

At about 6 p.m., lawyers for both sides appeared in court where Judge Debra Nelson conferred with them about their question and then recessed court.

Just before 10 p.m., they reached a verdict and acquitted Zimmerman of all charges in the controversial case - one ultimately filled with reasonable doubt.

A conviction would mean jurors rejected Zimmerman's claim he killed in self defense, and "intentionally committed an act or acts that caused the death" of Martin.

Ultimately, they determined he was justified under the letter of the law.

Whether those laws are flawed is a different topic altogether, but after 16 hours of deliberations, jurors felt that the state's case was not strong enough.

Unable to establish what happened in the confrontation that left Martin dead, prosecutors could not prove murder or manslaughter beyond a reasonable doubt.

Persuading jurors of who was the aggressor that night was the primary goal of both sides, and the defense seemed to prevail throughout the trial.

The shouts on the 911 calls and whether it was Martin or Zimmerman heard screaming for help was a point of contention, both disputed and inconclusive.

Experts also testified that Zimmerman's bloody head injuries could have been caused by blunt contact with concrete, which seemed to bolster his case.

Prosecutors said in a press conference after the fact that they respect the verdict, but are disappointed just the same, believing he is in fact guilty.

In the end, they said Zimmerman profiled Martin, Zimmerman followed Martin, and Zimmerman exceeded the boundaries of his right to self-defense.

What do you think? Did the jury reach the correct verdict?


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What will keep the masses from facing reality about the Obama admin. now? Do any of us ask why something like this is on the "news" stations 24 hrs a day? Think real hard now...

@ wtf

What? The fact that Mr.Obama was smart enough to figure that he could win both elections,by using the fact that he's half black. I honestly believe that he could care less about the black community. Afterall, he was raised in a white household i. Hawaii,by his white relatives. How does he relate to being black? If he was raised as a white person,and in a very non black place such as Hawaii. He's smart enough to figure out how to play the race card when it works dor him.


Trayvons folks are whooping it up tonight probably spending the millions of $ they were awarded from the home owners association,....oh didnt your guiltridden- little-limp-dick-nigger-loving-media report that??? Nope

@ Jason_F

Hurray, our beloved son is dead.. Let's Party! What a heartless,bitter racist ignoramus.
Don't project your own callous greed onto the grieving family.


wow! is all I can say. So this means that neighborhood watch can now carry guns and simply take matters into their own hands, follow and stop people as they wish....The bottom line that kid would have been alive had zimm stayed in his place and allowed the cops to come and assess the situation... The bottom line to this is typed cast the kid...and what usually happens when you do that...someone gets, beat or killed. Never fails in all cases. Hmmmm imagine that.


This is a sad commentary on American society when its ok to profile a 17 year old black kid doing nothing wrong and then shoot him... but I hope Zimmerman gets his, I'm sure there are more then a few black gangbangers out there with a bounty on Zimmerman, so if he thinks it's over, it isn't, he better go into witness protection or move out of state because he's a walking dead man

@ brianP

He could move to Arizona. If you haven't traveled much around the US. You might be surprised that much of America hasn't changed,as far as political views. Just travel 200 miles out of any city,and see how much demographics change. Blacks are a very small minority,compared to the rest of the country.


Now our Gov has even a BETTER reason for removing GUNS from Whites since there is now a threat of violence in the streets!! YAY!!

@ BeckySue

Perhaps you'll get a better reaction from the NRA. Maybe visit your local Cabelas or Bass Pro shop and voice your opinion. It's obvious you like to play the race card. Sure Zimmerman shouldn't of approached TM,but the poor choice of attacking GZ and telling him he was going to kill him got him killed. Self defense!!! Do you throw the same bitoch fits regarding black on black crime? Or do you prefer to feel sorry forself and play the race card?

@ BeckySue

brianp first or all, I think you are completely ignorant and require professional mental help. Secondly, show me proof of murder. Oh I am sorry you can't. Take race and emotion out of the case and what do you have? NOTHING. You talk about Trayvon not doing anything wrong-answer this: Is marijiuna use illegal in Florida? Is assault illegal in Florida? YES and YES. Those are provable crimes committed by trayvon. Lastly, you advocate murdering Zimmerman? If you do you are lost and need help. Most of the comments here are racial or emotional based-That is the problem, in this country facts matter-not race, age, sex or emotion. If race matters, three word for all of you "CREEPY ASS CRACKER"

@ RA

Reasoning Absent
It is you who is an emotional wreck and is sorely unaware what the facts even mean. Proof of murder is a Dead boy. Proof of racism is that the killer on no other calls ever referred to his 'suspects by white,asian,mexican except for Trayvon as 'African American'.Fact: when people refer to Trayvon as innocent, that means at the time he was accosted he was MHOB.Fact: One of those brilliant jurors said today that George' heart "was in the right place". That's so warm and fuzzy, eh? So factual too.Now his attorney wants him to get the same gun back For Protection! I am glad that he lives in fear.It won't be long until he Kills someone else or just maybe he'll be on the receiving end. Oh well, better a KILLER than a young boy MHOB.brianP does not need a shrink. You and your Go George! simpletons need to acquire more reading and comprehension skills.


Finally true justice. I'm sick and tired of white people being the most discriminated race for trying to stand for what we were raised to be.
A bunch of african americans are on here saying they believe in God and the Ten Commandments say, Thou Shalt Not Kill.''
Well guess what, I'll bet you Voted for ****ing Obama who openly promotes gays. Something GOD CALLED AN ABOMOINATION but because he is black you reasoned it out, did'nt you?
I'm sick of everyone who is not black getting in trouble for slipping the N word, like Paula dean.
I CANT WALK FROM MY DAMN CAR TO A 7-11 DOOR WITH OUT HEARING ''NIGGER'' PUMPED OUT OF SOMEONES STEREO SYSTEM. Fix you own problems first then worry about the outside issues.
Quit calling people racist because they want true justice, don't vote for Obama,don't turn mass homes into ghetto projects and keep a steady job.
Guess what..O.J got away with with it.

@ Justice

So, you pretty well just ranted that
you know Curious George is guilty.What have you done to improve anything in the U.S besides blame everyone else.G.Z is now living in fear & the Killer ruined not only Trayvon's family, he has put himself and his own family away from any security they had. Oh, the spun jurors are afraid they're gonna get it. So this Killer got away from the deserved
verdict but he's screwed for life. Too Bad.
P.S.........Do you know where O.J. is today?

@ Justice

100% agree with you

@ Justice

And your right about Obama.

@ Justice

I'm black and I would have to agree with you justice, I'm tired of blacks using the N word too.

@ milkshake78

No, you are YELLOW like that of leaking syphilis in Zimmerman's tiny peen.


Zimmerman your a piece of shit..I pray you get what's coming to you..,, you are a waste of fucking space!


This is such BS that man is guilty as hell.... he pursued this young man went after him?! How is that self defense? The young man had no weapons on him? He gets to walk free?! This is an outrage?


I am going to stop reading these remarks, because a lot of you people have no ideal what you are saying are talking about, but I will leave you with this "What goes around, comes back and haunt you". Take it like you want to because we all need GOD. and if you feel that you don't then this is why you are ignorant. The Man wrong and that is what it was, but when it happen to your family members I hope you remember Travon and then don't say anything just pray.