Zimmerman Trial Live Stream: Trayvon Martin's Brother Called to Testify

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After a one-day respite for the July 4 holiday, the much-watched second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman continues in Sanford, Fla., Friday.

The ex-neighborhood watchman shot Trayvon Martin to death in 2012, and the case has gripped the nation for the better part of a year and a half.

Part of the reason for that? The prosecution's case is far from iron-clad, at least according to analysts who have watched the trial's first two weeks.

The state has called Martin’s brother as one of its final witnesses, though if history repeats itself, he may end up helping the defense instead.

Zimmerman, 29, claims he shot the unarmed 17-year-old in self-defense. Watch the up-to-the-minute live stream of his trial in the video below:

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How the hell can trayvon call zimmerman a "creepy ass cracker" and nothing is said in the media but paula deen can say the N word 27 YEARS ago and lose everything overnight?


Crazy thing is its the same mentality used to make some of these dumb ass comments...(contaminated with racist stereotypes attributed to African Americans) that compelled Zimmerman to stalk and kill a "suspicious" black male wearing a hoodie. Because all black people steal and kill right? Get the fuck out of here...SMH. Its sad that in this day and age people still harbor such hatred and ignorance. We are all one race...which is human. Bleed the same blood, cry the same tears and breathe the same air. Until we can all let go of the hatred and preconceived notions about one another. Nothing will ever change. Try love and use that tool between your two ears for a change.

@ Amused

Look at the stats. They have earned the reputation. Even the illegals have more standards. The Asians have flourished. They are caught in an never ending cycle of self wants and needs that can only be attributed to a high number of single parenting and low standards. Young white trash is their only competition and that's why the migrate towards each other.


These comments are hilarious. Its funny how rather than realize that this child was shot for being black....some are more inclined to assume that Trayvon was attempting to rob Zimmerman. I hate when people make excuses for blatant racism and call it "Playing the race card" when someone points out the racism. The 911 tapes clearly prove Zimmerman was told not to follow Trayvon. If he was robbing him why was Zimmerman the one to follow him after being told not to? There is no excuse for that. No defense. Both Trayvons mother and brother know his voice and were able to identify it on the tapes. Zimmerman is going to jail. Eat that racist bastard. LOL!!!

@ Amused

Lesson to be learned- be careful who's ass you try to kick. This concealed law is not going away. It will grow. The 7 blacks who broke into the homes before Martin walked in the rain are as much to blame as Zimmerman. If no break & enter Zimmerman would not have felt it necessary to follow.


The mexican (whatever his name is) is innocent and everyone knows it but his family. Sorry ur sons last act was to try and rob someone but it happened so deal with it

@ Shawandi

I meant the black kids family is the only people that dont realize it. If that wasnt obvious

@ Shawandi

As I read the comments I see that we still live amongst racist people..well truth be told no mother wants money or fame from having the child hunted down and killed like an animal.She is seeking justice for her son. @creepy ass cracker @calm before the storm @shawandi@Amused_ # y'all r some Dick heads.....your kids are caught up in drugs and starving themselves...and screwing their teachers...and shooting up elementary schools...and killing their boss,wife,kids,and themselves..so we all can stereotype....


Of course the Mom would say that's her son screaming. Even if she doubted it, there's no back peddling now for the mom as she's collected millions plus played the race card. But what is more upsetting is what the mom and their attorney has been quoted saying, "We will respect the rule of law"....."We won't resort to vigilante justice," he said. "We will let vengeance be unto God." but that isn't really the case, is it? The mob that was created by the mom/father of Trayvon and their call of support by a known racist - Al Sharpton (shame on msnbc for allowing his prejudice and his show), inaccurate info being broadcast by the media and not to mention the media's legal analysts giving false or misleading opinions, they have already declared Zimmerman was guilty. They keep fueling the racial tension pot.
They based this information on speculation or assumptions, not FACTS.
I feel sorry for his wife and family. If Zimmerman is not convicted, the riots will break out, they will target his wife and family and possible kill them. Yes, I said Riots. And God forbid if Zimmerman really feared for his life. Hell, I don’t know how I would have reacted if someone was beating me up. Facebook has pages promoting rioting of George Zimmerman and promoting more violence and death. Rappers promoting race riots and "burn down the buildings". Entertainers, I'm sure for publicity of themselves and for the promotion their rap cd's. But they are all innocent too as they promote gun violence, the "N" word being every other word in their songs, promote degrading women, sing about killing people and carrying guns. Oh we can't forget the promotion of drugs in their music.
This is what our society has succumbed to and it has accepted. This is exactly why we still have such a problem with racial prejudice in America.
If you don't want people saying the "N" word, why do you call each other "N's" if it's so derogatory? Isn't that a double standard? I guess I’ll sick back with my Colt 45 Beer, with my 9mm, smoke my weed and then a line of coke and wait for the outcome of the trial. Oh not my trial, that’s next month. I’m waiting for the outcome of the George Zimmerman trial.


he is able of lying like it is written..........

@ abe

Zimmerman is being framed. Throw the case out and look for another day to play the race card


if i's black . i's lying !!!!