George Zimmerman to Face Manslaughter Charge as Well as Murder

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The jury in the George Zimmerman second-degree murder trial will be allowed to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter, the judge ruled Thursday.

The ruling was a victory for the prosecution, which sought to include two additional, lesser charges from the original charge of murder in the second degree.

Zimmerman, G.

Prosecutors in the Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin trial hoped to add charges of manslaughter and third-degree murder with child abuse as the underlying felony.

The victim was a minor at the time he was fatally shot; the charges stem from the 2012 death of Martin, 17, in a gated community in Sanford, Fla.

The defense, which claims Zimmerman acted in self defense, argued that allowing the jury to consider the lesser murder charge would be "outrageous."

"Just when I thought this case couldn't get any more bizarre, the state is seeking third-degree murder charges based on child abuse?" West said.

"This is outrageous," West later told Judge Debra Nelson, adding:

"It's just hard for me to imagine that the court taking this seriously."  

Nelson struck down the possibility of a third-degree felony murder charge based on child abuse, but ruled that the jury may in fact consider manslaughter.

If convicted of second-degree murder, Zimmerman could face up to life in prison; manslaughter would carry a severe, but less permanent sentence.

The state began closing arguments Thursday; the defense will present its closing arguments Friday. Watch the Zimmerman trial live stream below:


Reading the norm people on a more msm website is funny. All of you just conform to whatever agenda is going on. Prosecutors were amateur at best and brought 0 evidence to the table to convict Zimmerman. In our judicial system based purely on the law he should walk. Watch the trial and tell me where it shows without a doubt he "murdered" anyone... huh yea you can't

@ Conform

CAUSE & effect. This trial has not only exposed how deep resentments are it will solidify the mindset of America. Guilty or not guilty it makes no difference on the effect this will have on America. Blacks will continue to Home Invade or Car Jack and whites will not have any clue it's going on around them because the Media has their own agenda and keeping you in the dark is such an after thought that it's not even on their radar. Rather leave you ignorant & they would rather "makeup" the News than report as is- besides what about their ratings! The part that's going to be HEAVENLY is that even if you are being raped on the sidewalk in broad daylight surrounded by a crowd of thugs, drivers will keep going! Not only will they be afraid to get involved their own mindset will be ....not to run over the rapist for fear of being charged with vehicular homicide! Yes- it will come to this! Thugs kick in the door in the apartment next to you? Not my problem. Maybe I will call 911, Maybe they will rescue your white ass in 40 minutes? Not my problem! It will come to this! Your neighborhood watch program? HAHAHAHAHA! You USE 2 have one- No more! It's every THUG, home invader and thief and criminals dream as to how this trial will pave the way. We only think we are alone now. If Zimmerman does time, only then will we see what real fear is. It has and it will come to this as sure as the sun comes up each day!


It's a damn shame that in 2012-2013, we gotta march, petition & pray for crap, we're entitled to as citizens. This is bs my great grandparents went though. Now after this innocent kid's life was taking & we've pleaded for the justice system to serve it's function. We gotta hold hands & sing old azz spirtuals & promise on bended knees that we'll accept a f×#ked up verdict peaceably. Nobody admonished the evil hateful supporters of this murderer, that have send him money. Nor have the wicked hateful people that posted disgusting hateful rhetoric to a dead teenager's support page been adressed. Like if a mother & a father ain't been though more then any human should endure. The state was decent today, but they have'nt put on a vigorous case. This prosection is part of the same entity that have allowed this systemic injustice to percolate. GZ is not an anonmaly in this juristriction, he's the norm. DAMN SHAME!


What an unbelievable country. The bomber from Boston has supporters cheering for him outside the courtroom and Zimmerman has bounties put out on his head in a trial of self defense. Liberals and the disenchanted world they live in.


The prosecutor did a phenominal job in his final argument today. He made a better FINAL than I had seen throughtout this whole trial. I also think that if George is really INNOCENT and in fact did do the DEFENSE thing, he should of TOOK THE STAND. For some reason today, it is VERY CLEAR who was the AGGRESSOR, and while the fight was going on, those people heard the SCREAMS of HELP ME, and after the shot, NO SCREAMS..Meaning the one screaming was Trayvon Martin. George CHANGED his story too many times, and if they were on the cement and he said he crawled to the grass, WHERE were the GRASS STAINS on his light jacket, and howcome after fighting with Martin, Trayvon didn't have any BLOOD on his hands. Usually when breaking someones nose, it bleeds, and George said Trayvon was holding his hand over his mouth... Now, I TOTALLY am sure, that George Zimmerman didn't need SELF DEFENSE. He was studying all of the necessities of BEING a cop, and trying to FIT IN, but the f act is, he wasn't a COP when he engaged fighting STALKING Trayvon Martin. Trayvon got SCAR ED and t here is another point made today that George was in a sentence talking with police, and in the MIDDLE of that sentence, he said, *I turned around and walked back towards him*. George Zimmerman should get the *DEATH PENALT Y* but I don't see that happening. Now, if that isn't an option he should get LIFE IN PRISON WITHOUT any chance of EVER getting out. Also, howcome none of George's past activities with LAW ENFORCEMENT were NOT disclosed?

@ Geronimo

I'm not sure if you are aware of this but George has nothing to prove. The state filed the charge and the state has to prove murder. Hell- They even ran the Stanford Chief- ran him off because he wouldnt press charges and he said there wasn't enough proof and there is NOT! Why should he take the stand? He spoke without a Lawyer- Nothing to hide? Let me guess- you think he owes it to you to take the stand? He owes you or the media- Dick! Everyone has painted this guy guilty from the start. I didn't even like him until I saw the mass crucifix that everyone started to distribute. Even Obama! A President commenting on the case? It's appalling and completely disrespectful! NBC editing the tapes? Multi-Million dollar Lawsuit! The prosecution didn't have to do much today to look good because they have looked lost most of the rest of the time. The eye witness that called 911, the professional forensic guy that explained the shot and the detective that said he thought Zimmerman was telling the truth- These 3 are enough to get Zimmerman a NOT GUILTY! Martin was no angel- neither is Zimmerman. The proof of intent is just not there. Why was he carrying a gun? He had a permit. Why was he following Martin? Zimmerman was a Neighborhood watch. Why was the back of Zimmermans head cut because Martin slammed it into the sidewalk. There is no denying these facts! These facts bring a reasonable doubt that Zimmerman is a murderer. 2 things will be learned from this. (A) wait on the police " NO-it was not against the Law" (B) be careful whose ass you try to kick.


What if this and what if that. You can bet that if Martin would have actually been a criminal and if Zimmerman would have seen him and kept going then many would have wanted to charge Zimmerman for not following through.

@ Bill

George Zimmerman is like a LYNCH MOB al in one person. The gun was on the back side of George's hip. He said that Trayvon had his knees in his armpits beating his head against the cement. If that is the TRUTH, how on earth could George ever reach behind his hip to get that gun. That is still another LIE, and as we listen to the tapes, the stories keep changing. Once a LIAR tells a lie of circumstance, and are asked several times what happened, they tend to FORGET how they told t he first lie, and it begins to change each time it is told.


Stretch and common sense does not necessarily enter into the picture when being beaten. My common sense tells me that if I'm being beaten and I have a gun and I fear for my life then that gun and myself will most assuredly get someone off me.,.. Every time. This is not the 1970's where you have the mentality of "LET'S TAKE IT UNDER THE BLEACHERS" this is the 21st century in which a person will kill you for a bag of jelly beans. They will kick down your front door beat and shot you for change. This is an age where 50 something people were shot in Chicago- 11 died not to mention 2 small kids but nobody says a damn thing! Zimmerman is white! That is what this is all about! This is a case where Blacks can pause from MURDERING each other and from MURDERING WHITES and some whites can wash the guilt from their hands and somehow think with this they can prove they are not racist. This country has severe racial problems and making ZIMMERMAN the sacrificial lamb will prove to be much worse. How do you protect yourself without going to jail after this. How do you protect your family or your home if guilty is found! America needs to quit turning the other cheek. If there had not been 7 break ins in the past year Zimmerman would not have given it a 2nd thought! Who would want to be a neighborhood watchman after this.... That's what the criminals are asking!

@ back 2 reality

Get real.This is about a guy out
looking for trouble and found it
big time.You want to stalk a lone
kid with a loaded gun you need to
get your head pounded. Too bad
the Wannabe Cop wasn't shot.
This is not a race case or who
yelled for help or any other of this
analytical crap. It's about this Mr.
BigShot(literally) being so spun
out with his N.W. "POWER" that
he is now a murderer. Absolutely
No Excuse.Time to pay for his
crime. He started this so fitting
his fun should end..No Wah, Poor me.

George kafantaris

Let’s accept Zimmerman’s version that Martin was a troublemaker, that he was up to no good when he spotted him, that Martin got into fights, that he had marijuana in his system, and that he was a 6.2 aggressive teen -- not a twelve year old helpless boy.
This still leaves us with the burden of explaining those heart retching screams -- loud enough to be captured on the neighbor’s 911 call.
Zimmerman said elsewhere that the screams are from him because he was being pummeled by the unexpectedly aggressive Martin. The jury certainly has sufficient evidence of Martin’s aggressiveness, even though Zimmerman did not testify or give us an opportunity to probe further.
Yet, this being the case that we have, we ought to look further at what is reasonable -- how likely is that things happened the way Zimmerman says they did?
Is it likely for a man to cry for help when he is on the ground with someone sitting on him and punching repeatedly? Might he be too busy dealing with this to have an opportunity to cry for help -- in that way that we hear it on the 911 call? Yet, he could have done just that afterwards, or in between bouts.
The 911 recording we have, however, only captures the tail end of the fight. What we hear are not the ordinary screams of a man getting punched, pummeled or pounded. Rather, they are the pleas for help by someone who is not only in grave danger, but a danger that he knows and appreciates. Indeed, the cries are of such desperation that they pierce the coldest of hearts.
Zimmerman says that it was he who was screaming and we want to believe him. We should give him the benefit of all reasonable doubt because our system of justice prefers that ten guilty men go free rather than one innocent be found guilty. Moreover, Zimmerman’s version is plausible if Martin was prying the gun away from him. Indeed, let’s assume that Martin had grabbed the gun and was about to shoot Zimmerman. Does this fit with what we hear on the recorded 911 call?
Does it fit with the lack of any physical evidence of Martin’s DNA on Zimmerman’s gun? There should have been some, even if Martin had just touched it, let alone grabbed it, or struggled for it. Indeed, we might expect that a struggle for control would have left a heavier DNA imprint. Yet, it left none.
Still, let’s disregard this lack of Martin’s physical evidence on the gun and again give Zimmerman, the benefit of reasonable doubt -- the kind we give to our most important affairs.
Is there anything else that get’s in the way with Zimmerman’s version of what happened?
What about silence, the dead silence that we hear after the shot? Does it tell us anything? If Zimmerman was the one crying for help that eerie silence is odd. We might expect the cries to be interrupted by the struggle of the fight, or for the gun. Yet, they are steady and relentless all the way to the end when the shot is heard. Such a steady tempo does not indicate a struggle or a pounding on the pavement.
Those repeating howls are more from someone who is being held at gun point; someone who has felt the hard steel of a gun in his side; someone who is told in no uncertain terms that he is about to die -- and believes it.
If this is how things happened, then the person who fired the gun had a depraved heart because he heard the pleas for mercy by another human being, but ignored them. A conviction for murder is thus in order.
And we can arrive at this conclusion by giving Zimmerman all the benefit of the doubt -- except what is not supported by the physical evidence and by common sense.

@ George Kafantaris

Thank god your not a prosecutor- you would be out of work.

@ Bill

Oh man, you just do not have any grasp on reality nor do want to
believe what your friend from the
NeighbourHOOD watch really did You have the compassion of a toothpick and I bet you watch Fox t.v..Lunatic, go talk to your crazy
right wing nuts.TAKE OFF, EH!

@ Bill

Oh, how bogus of George to go
through the crime, step by step,
questioning every single move,
every concievable emotion and
deconstructing the whole murder
using logic, the DNA results and
also throwing in some shocking
statistics of guilt, innocence and
the U.S. court system.This is an excellent breakdown of this polarizing crime and obviously
bothers guys like Bill who thinks
neighbourhood watch is a gang
allowed to kill innocent teens
walking alone.

@ lori+snyder

So you are saying that if someone was beating you then you wouldn't shoot? maybe just wait until they got tired! You are a rock 4 sure.


None of us will be safe from carjacking or home invasions or even going to the supermarket if this guy is found guilty.

@ Where are my rights

You have the right to walk to the supermarket unmolested and to
fight for your life before a person
unknown to you stalks you and then shoots you dead. Your family and friends have the right to bury you and demand that the
KILLER be put away. Although you could join Bill and Figjt for the
Right to Party.

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