Food Network Star Recap: How Stacey Got Her Groove Back

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It's a basic question but an important one:

How does one cook a well-balanced meal with just the ingredients in one's kitchen?

That was the issue that kicked off Food Network Star this week, as the remaining finalists were grilled by Alton Brown and then issued a Mentor Challenge: create a yummy dish that included Special K or popcorn crisps.

Food Network Star Folks

We can only assume this reminded others of Chopped as well.

On-camera presentation was key here, as Nikki's dish turned out fine, but her lack of knowledge to answer potential viewer questions caused some concern. Enough to get her kicked off?

Read this Food Network Star review now for the answer!

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Dear Stacey Poon-Kinney:
Bravo! You have showed us that the lessons learned from the Tribal Councils of "Survivor" were not lost upon the upcoming generation of Americans! You skillfully twisted a friendship which kept you in the game not less than a week earlier into an exact opportunity to eliminate a perceived threat - all with the consumate skill of a true virtuoso, and for that... congratulations!
As just a regular viewer and consumer, as well as a Veteran, I want to thank you. Why? Because you serve as an outstanding and stellar example ... of why we regular people strive so much and strive to be different. Different than you. Gee Stacey, I never left a comrade behind whether on a Battalion run, the field of play, or the field of Battle... but you did. It did not matter if I could have exacted a better advantage by getting a better run time to advance my promotion points or something. To me, it was camaraderie that mattered. The same teamwork and understanding which enabled each of us to win or excel in our own good time by our own good merits But you have shown us that what really matters is getting what you want, no matter what. You showed us that being a better chef or presenter is not what counts. What counts is to take a friend's weakness and to twist it and exploit it to get ahead; to violate trust and the spirit of good sportsmanship... all to get what you want. "You first after me" is a great mantra, isn't it?
Does what I say really matter? Probably not. I am just a regular guy. A regular guy with a regular family and a wife who is also a "Working Mom" as you never miss an opportunity to exclaim. Sadly, we did not get a $10,000 makeover in our respective workplaces with celebrity endorsement and countless value of publicity, so that we could gross over $1 million last year. Again, your consumate skill is showing.
You have proven that you will do whatever it takes to get what you want. You had the opportunity to exhibit a modicum of fair play and good sportsmanship and you failed. Epicly! You will never get that back, just like the respect I and other viewers once had for you.
All of that aside I still must thank you for you are a perfect example: A perfect example of everything I hope my children will never become.
Sincerely, A Regular Guy
P.S. To my fellow Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families thank you for your service. You may not agree with me which is fine, but your sacrifices make this all possible. God Bless you and God Bless America!


I actually liked the remaining 3 female contestants and would have probably watch their shows over the Pie Guy and Mr Mohawk. Very annoying to see another competition show pick personality over ability. Pie guy may be memorable, but he should have left least night!!!!


Why in the world is Nikki gone and the Pie Man is still there???????? I can't understand a word he says and he did NOT cook an edible dish. The crust was raw inside?


Nikki gone??? what a disappointment! I was looking forward to her show because of her POV. She was the most natural in front of the camera and very relatable. I don't understand Elton's opinion, but even if she needed work on "food authority", that can be learned: camera presence and likeability can not. Being memorable isn't always good, as in the case of the Pie Man. He hasn't demonstrated that he can cook yet and you can't understand him. I doubt mumbling is a valuable quality for a cooking show host! I agree with most of the feedback on Stacy; she appears fake. I know it is frustrating for her, and she is trying, but I doubt she will improve.. You are either relatable or not.
I have watched every season and I think that this is the weakest group of contestants to date. Nikki was the only person I felt would absolutely make it to the finals!.


Nikki is the person I wanted to watch. I would love to see her "meat on the side" Food Network show. I connect with her and want to know more about her style of cooking. I have heard all the comments about The Pie Mans personality which I agree he has, but definetly not a person I want to watch cook.


GET THE "PIE GUY" OUT!! Nikki was way better than that stupid bald guy that only knows how to cook pies!


And one other thing - quizzing Nikki about the meaning of the word "pilaf" was unfair. I trust that Nikki would have been professional enough to research her cooking terms for any meal she was preparing on camera. That was just an excuse to get rid of her. I could tell that Giada and Alton had it in for Nikki right from the start. Robert Irvine never saw Nikki in action before this one misstep. Where was Bobby when we needed him?


How could the judges have got it so wrong? Nikki has consistently been the most engaging on camera and her "meat on the side" approach is fresh and needed in this age of increasing obesity. There is a need for this kind of cooking instruction. Pie guy has only made one edible pie so far and he mumbles his way through his on-camera presentations. Stacy reminds me of a demented puppet and the way she through Nikki under the bus by giving her salmon, which she knew Nikki hates, I would never watch her show. She is pond scum. I like Demaris but there is a glut of southern cooking shows on the network. Mohawk dude has yet to make anything I would eat and he blathers on and on about culinary sins. He makes no sense. The food network missed out on a star here. I am so disappointed!

@ Jeanne

Pie guy is unintelligible and a poor cook. Mohawk guy looks very nice, but has yet to make me understand his "culinary sins". Loved Nikki's point of view, but she's gone. Yes, there are many Southern Cooks on Food Network, but Damaris updates favorite dishes and makes them healthier. Now that the judges ousted Nikki, I'm pulling for Damaris!

@ Jeanne



Boo! Food got it wrong..."pieguy" shoukd have went home... I would watch Nikki over "pieguy" and "the sinnier" anyday. Disappointed fan.


Enough with the "pie style" and "food sins"! Get those bozos out of there already! Niki was awesome and didn't need an out of tune guitar or a Mr. T wannabe look to make us enjoy her cooking. Simply said - if either of those clowns win, Food Network will lose viewership.