Emma Watson Tumblr Blog: Awesome!!!

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What does an actor do when he or she has a role to which he or she can't relate?

They try to put themselves in that person's shoes, or in Emma Watson's case, in their tumblr blog.

Emma Watson tumblr

When watching the The Bling Ring trailer one might wonder how Watson - a woman who is, by all accounts, rather unassuming, despite her star status - might find a way to relate to the character of Nicki in the upcoming Sofia Coppola film.

To accomplish this goal, the actress took to tumblr and created her own tumblog that does a pretty decent job at capturing the mentality and artistic talent of a typical tumblr user.

The bathroom selfie... the obsession with celebrity... and even the shutterstock background are all perfect.

Well done, Emma Watson! If you ever want to revamp my tumblr, just say the word!

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Hey, you all might get a kick out of this - just a little song I wrote for our most beloved Emma Watson. To prove my love to her, and to let her know that I don't care that she's muggle born. I like her just the way she is. http://bit.ly/12qqJ7U

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