Dina Lohan: Drunk on Rehab Call, Barred from Further Contact with Daughter

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Dina Lohan's heart may have been in the right place a few weeks... but her liver has caused yet another rift between mother and troubled daughter.

According to TMZ sources, Cliffside rehab got Dina on the phone with Lindsay Lohan prior to the latter's birthday on July 2.

Or that was the plan, at least.

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Lindsay Lohan at Film Premiere

But the facility representative who reached out to Dina believed her to be so drunk that speaking to Lindsay would be a very bad idea.

As a result, the call was nixed and Lindsay was told she should avoid contact with her mom for the duration of her (possibly) extended stay.

But it hasn't been all bad news for the recovering star:

She's signed a $2 million tell-all deal with Oprah in which the talk show host will interview Lindsay and also feature her in an eight-part documentary series.

We doubt it will lack for subject matter.


She'll burn thru that 2 mill as fast as the 7 mill she had earlier. She is the least frugal person. She wants all the accoutrements of fame suggested by her multiple thefts of high value items, and renting of expensive hotel rooms.


This sad really. Lindsay can't seem to catch a break. The 2 mil is not going to give her the family stabity she needs.


The will soon be spending that 2 mil ?


I fee sorry for Lindsay but her mother is old enough to know better. she is a disgrace. looks like an old witch. leave your daughter alone B.


Lindsay has aged so fast over the past 9 years. She looks like a woman in her 40s. Which one is the mom or daughter?


It bothers me when people rag on Dina or Lindsy, these are great people who give their all for us. Poor Lindsy and Dina, I feel so sorry for them.

@ All+P

And so what is it that they've given us???? SHIT!

@ queenofpoland

Hey queenofpoland - do you know why Polish and polish are spelled the same in the dictionary. Because they can't tell the difference between sh*t and shinola. You are living proof.


Oprah! Give me a call.


Linds will be partying with her hot mess mom shortly

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