Chris Brown "Can't Say No" Single: All About Rihanna ... or Karrueche Tran?

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Chris Brown‘s new single, “Can’t Say No,” and its intensely suggestive lyrics have the masses wondering if it's an ode to Rihanna ... or Karrueche Tran.

In the leaked track, a slow jam/love ballad, the 24-year-old R&B star calls a woman "irresistible" because "without you girl, the sun don’t shine.”

But which girl is he talking about?

Chris Brown goes on, crooning:

“Girl without you it’s hard to breathe, it’s like you are my air. Made a man out of me, ’cause your love, it sets me free, and when I need you you’re there."

Perhaps the biggest hint that it's about Rihanna, not Karrueche, is the lyric, “we’re in love all over again," which has to mean their renewed romance, right?

Of course, the couple split again recently. But he sings, “Cause you changed my life, I’ll never walk away” and “in love forever, always be together.”

Chris broke up with Karrueche to get back with Rihanna last year, then went very public with their renewed romance ... which fizzled this spring.

Since then, he's been seen out and about with Tran again. Obviously. But is she just someone who fills the void while he yearns for his true love?

Sources say that Chris Brown and RIhanna considered each other soul mates and lovers for life and that they both envisioned marriage and family together.

Their careers and personalities have made that unlikely, at least in the short term, but both are believed to still love and respect each other, intensely.

While Chris certainly has love and respect for Karrueche, can she really “put a spell” on him on that level? Or will she always be his second option?

Tell us below ... and if you were Chris (or any single guy for that matter) which of these hot tickets would you rather have as your shorty?

And the Winner is?

Karrueche Tran or Rihanna: Who'd you rather ... date? Vote in this poll to decide which Chris Brown squeeze is the hotter ticket! View Poll »


Go riri,we love u don't let no one gets to u, u r soo beautiful>3


Karrueche is too beautiful and mature for Chris...She is worth more than a second option, and she would make someone happy but Chris is playing too many games..People say he loves Rihanna more than Kae, ya'll don't know who he loves more, just because Chris and RiRi has history doesn't mean she's a better option


Rihanna should never go back to little boy chris, he's too childish. Riri needs a matured man who's not gonna play games with her, she's a hot girl and deserves better. Truth!


To whomever wrote this article on Chris Brown, the man is 24 years old. So he can buy all the alcohol he wants so please get your facts together, before you post a blog.

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