Channing Tatum Baby Wearing: Women Everywhere Spontaneously Ovulate

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BOOM! POW! No, that's not the sound of post-4th of July fireworks.

It's the sound of women everywhere spontaneously ovulating after photos surfaced of Channing Tatum baby-wearing his newborn daughter Everly through LAX on Sunday.

Channing Tatum Wears Daughter In Airport

The White House Down star and wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, traveled through LAX on Sunday on their way to Vancouver.

While he shielded the baby from the paparazzi with the use of a wrap and a pink swaddling blanket, Jenna was on doggie duty, taking care of their Japanese Spitz.

At the New York premiere of his movie, Tatum revealed that there's nothing "more important or scary than protecting a daughter."

Annnnnnd, swoon. Pop! Pow! Bam! There go more ovaries exploding.

If this picture and his sweet words don't make you start Channing all over your Tatum, I don't know what will.


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Pretty much. I about died when I saw this picture. As if he couldn't be more sexier he wore his baby girl and become 1,000x's MORE sexier.


What an inane and rather gross
Supposed reaction to a dude
carrying his kid. Ovaries exploding ,Really? So he's got a
nice bod.He's got way too much of a 'Jock Head' for my liking. Way too over-rated & this article isway too stupid.


Aww hes so protective. I love him


Now that's a good daddy!




Awww so cute


so handsome and charming <3 <3 hahaa im definitely channing over his tatum lmao xD

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