Branden James Brings Heidi Klum to Tears on America's Got Talent

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Fortunately for men across America, it doesn't take a look to get Heidi Klum naked. The super model loves to ditch her clothing and Tweet about it.

But getting the America's Got Talent judge to cry? To gush about you in front of a national audience? That requires major pipes.

Enter Branden James, an openly gay opera singer who wowed all panelists on last night's edition of this NBC hit, but none more than Heidi.

“I’ve just always loved you,” a teary Klum said after James covered Josh Grobam. ”I feel your emotion when you sing. I’m like right there with you when you sing.”

See what all the emotional fuss is about now:


The buzzard must be paying someone to keep her name out there.


What an amazing performance by Branden James. Really moving! He also looks super cute in that blazer. Kind of reminds me of this blazer my boyfriend has