Ashley Benson Mocks Amanda Bynes in Hilarious Instagram Selfie

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Ashley Benson, prepare to be called "ugly" by Amanda Bynes in 3... 2... 1...

The Pretty Little Liars star has posted a hilarious selfie on Instagram in which she makes mocks a similar effort by Bynes, the selfie-loving former child star.

Compare the two image below and see what we mean.

  • Ashley Benson Instagram Photo
  • Bynes Twit Pic

Bynes is currently under mental evaluation for starting a fire in California this week, which has caused some to come down hard on Benson for the impression.

"Amanda has a mental disorder, this pic’s kinda mean," wrote one Instagram user, for example.

Do you agree? Is it too funny, or did she go too far? A little of both?

What do you think of Benson making fun of Amanda Bynes:


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Bi-polar my a$$. She is just a crackhead who fried her mind ala Syd Barrett.


realy Problem only for...


I don't normally comment on these websites, but apparently Ashley is completely ignorant when it comes to mental illness. I worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for over 10 years and nobody chooses to be mentally ill. Having a mental illness is similar to having a heart condition or diabetes, it is something that happens......Hopefully Ashley will never have to deal with a person she cares about being mentally ill, because, from the looks of things, it appears she lacks knowledge and sensitivity.


If I can't say anything I want about these weirdos, then you might as well start to censor me now.


Ashley Benson is a slut...

@ Arietta

And the he-she looking crack head known as A Man Duh Bynes isn't?


I feel like she deserves the same treatment as lindsay and britney they all crazy as hell but we still made fun of them it's fair game sorry i used to love amanda along with lindsay and britney just another child star who had alittle too much fame at one time yeah she has a illness but we don't know for how long since she wasn't treated as a kid but i honestly think the whole mental illness is just an excuse for her drunken behavior


I don't think the pic is mean, i mean just think of all the things Amanda has done and said.


amanda went crazy because i gave her that D. next time i only put it half way in

@ zorpio

You gave you that D, but she gave you that VD.

@ zorpio

zorpio - You are a sick f**k. Grow the hell up.


Why can't everyone just leave Amanda Alone!! waaa aaa awaaaa waaaa!! so what if she throws bongs out the window and lights strangers' driveways on fire and calls everyone ugly and wears crazy Charo wigs and her dog on her face, she's just like the rest of us!! we all have days like that, right?

@ Whip+It+Good

umm no...


Does nobody proof read anymore? "The Pretty Little Liars star has posted a hilarious selfie on Instagram in which she makes mocks a similar effort by Bynes from early on in the trouble actress' run of being an idiot"

@ picopelicano