Amanda Bynes: Showing Signs of Schizophrenia, Violent Mood Swings, "Severe Mental Illness"

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Amanda Bynes has shown schizophrenic tendencies and wild mood swings in the L.A. hospital where she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

According to reports, doctors there have already determined that the 27-year-old is suffering from a severe mental illness "with schizophrenic tendencies."

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The 27-year-old Bynes, hospital sources say, is fully cognizant of the fact that "there's a good Amanda and a bad Amanda." More frightening still?

When she talks about "bad Amanda," TMZ reports, "she almost mimics an exorcism, pulling at her body as if to remove the demon, and even biting herself."

It's not all bad. Yesterday, for a 10-hour period, she was kind, quiet and nice. Fully lucid, too. But doctors found that this can change quickly and radically.

When staff question Amanda Bynes about the fire she started on Monday, her personality changes radically. Frustrated, she totally clams up.

She remained "normal," though ... until out of the blue, her eyes widened and she demanded to know the status of the dog she soaked in gasoline.

Told that her parents, who are requesting a conservatorship over the troubled star, are taking care of it, she lost her cool and allegedly responded:

"They'll kill it, just like they tried to kill me."

She was really, really upset about this prospect. It's unclear why, but she was so incoherent and out of hand that she had to be physically held back.

Also, she was rooming with another female patient at the onset, but started berating and insulting her so badly that staff moved her to her own room.

Finally, since being admitted, she's undergone extensive toxicology screening, but aside from her beloved marijuana, Bynes is clean as a whistle.

Sad and scary to learn that her situation is probably worse than a lot of us realized. Here's hoping she gets the help she needs to make a fresh start.

NOTE: An earlier version of this article included the phrase "dueling personalities" in the headline. We were referring to the "two Amandas" mentioned above.

This was not an attempt to diagnose Amanda with multiple or split personality disorder, so we have altered the headline to "violent mood swings."


Medical information is supposed to be confidential. People are flagrantly breaking the law by releasing any info on Amanda's condition.


Monique Simone Browns book a gripping tale about this disease that plagues all races and class of life. Who told you I was crazy! This is truly sad to hear about such a talented young lady.

@ mymy

I don't believe she's very talented,to begin with.When disney takes these kids and dolls them up, they're all cute. She just did a few disney movies, that`s it. No big, sensational, exciting acting talent there at all!


I'm so glad she's getting some help. She was such a doll.


amanda asitsembe uzoba ryt!


Joy, is so cool and smart !!!!! I don't thing you should waste time on this site .... it's apparently low traffic and dummies in the majority . Yu are peobably not reaching enough people -- real people - whom would be enlightened and mobilized by ur advanced intelligence .


She did this 2 herself, w/drug use. Glad 2 C she's finally gettin' the help she so desparately needs! This is no laughin' matter, show a little compassion & leave her out of the spotlight 4 awhile.

@ Ronnie Corral

She does not have a history of drug abuse you moron. She is having some sort of psychologcal break down.


She did this 2 herself, w/drug use. Glad 2 C she's finally gettin' the help she so desparately needs! This is no laughin' matter, show a little compassion & leave her out of the spotlight 4 awhile.


@ Joy- go crawl back to your Westboro Babtist Church cave and never come back to modern civilization.


Hey Joy- You are a moron!


As someone who cares for those with mental illnesses I understand what this poor girl is experiencing to an extent. I hope she receives the care and support she quite obviously needs. Also "JOY" don't talk about things you do not understand and keep your disgusting views to yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself.


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