Amanda Bynes Kicked Out of Hotel For Smoking Weed, Makes "Ugly" Front Desk Girl Cry

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Amanda Bynes was reportedly kicked out of a the Ritz-Carlton hotel in NYC for smoking weed in her room and making a girl cry, according to reports.

Bynes, meanwhile, claims she left the hotel "voluntarily." Right.

Amanda Bynes, Blue Wig

The 27-year-old terror was reportedly a nightmare from the start, smoking weed every day like she were Snoop Lion despite warnings from hotel staff.

She also used spray chemicals to mask the smell (to no avail).

The really crazy, albeit not surprising, part? She was repeatedly rude to the staff and even told the front desk girl she was "too ugly" to check her in.

Bynes even went so far as to offered her plastic surgeon's services to the desk girl in question who needs "fixing," at which point tears started flowing.

The blue-haired wonder's bad behavior continued until yesterday morning, when the staff kicked her ass to the curb hours before she was ready to check out.

Not even two months ago, New York police arrested Amanda Bynes for tossing a bong out of the window of her apartment onto the street below.

Soon after, the transient became the Ritz's problem apparently.

As for where the next chapter of this ongoing saga will play out? She was last seen in a cab headed to LaGuardia Airport, and was reportedly bound for L.A.

Stay off the roads and hide your "ugly" people, L.A.

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How is she not BROKE yet?!?!?!?

@ Unwritten

Good question. You would have to drop a quarter in her pocket to be worth anything at all.


Will someone please help this child. She is a mess. If she doesn't get help soon; this is not going to end well. She is crying out for help, where is her family, her friends? This is sad.


I can't believe Amanda Bynes is calling people ugly...she's the one that's ugly and obsessive over plastic surgery...


Is everyone sure this Bynes girl isn't 7 instead of 27? Because this is how a child acts, not a grown woman.


Sorry nothing entertains about seeing this young woman implode before our eyes. She sick and these stories sicker.