Amanda Bynes: Drake Stalks Me, Has Ugly Downward Facing Eyes

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Amanda Bynes has taken her Drake-centric Tweeting to a new level.

Yes, he's still a member of her ugly list ... and also a stalker now.

Starting with a typical dig at his looks, Amanda Bynes wrote of the man she longs to murder her vagina (sometimes): “Drake Has Ugly Downward Facing Eyes.”

And that's when it truly got weird. Even by her standards.


Bynes, 27, unleashed this bombshell:

“Drake Stalks Me But Isn’t Following Me On Twitter He’s Ugly And I Won’t Stop Making Fun Of His Ugly Face! I Laugh @ Every Photo I See Of Him.”

Really? Stalking? And laughing at Drake pic? Lots of people probably laugh at Amanda Bynes photos these days ... but that's neither here nor there?

Just hours after her bizarre court appearance - where she showed up in a blue wig and sweatpants - the 27-year-old mess was back writing about Drake.

“He’s Ugly,” she reiterated, as if her fans hadn't gotten that memo the first 29 times, then summed up her complex feelings on the rapper as such:

“Drake Is Not My Friend Or I Would Not Be Talking About Him This Way.”

Good to know, Amanda. Very good to know as always. Keep us posted.

Drake has yet to comment on the stalking allegations. Or anything Bynes has ever written about him, ever. Though he has to be aware of it by now, right?

Amanda also shared today that the Obamas are still ugly too, so at least Drake has plenty of high-profile company in her personal, virtual slam book.


It just cane out that shes skitzo, hope she gets the help she needs, were rooting for you Amanda!


Because he's looking downward, DUH !!! Thee's thmart !!! Looks related !


she needs to be put on medication to control her from whatever is causing all this.


There is no telling what happened, to her or who molested or tried to. She is a child star. She is crazy for a reason. Maybe it was the pressure of the job as a child, lack of appropriate parenting, drug use or whatever. Something IS wrong with this girl, and she IS mentally unstable it seems for your interactions on social utility sites and the world. Someone who loves her should help her.

@ The+Black+Cat+Pixie+Mara

The reason amanda is so crazy is the dope she's taking' It could be meth, (it could be cut bad) crack, angel dust, the list goes on. I really don't think pot is doing this to her( as alot of people seem to think!) In fact, she'd probably be in good shape if all she was smoking was pot.


she wants to be a celebrity too?


All young young White Girls should be forced to watch the story of this girl. Her infatuations in such a deployed state of mind is living proof that her maturity is unstable at best. To think the "Mecca" is to have the rap star is psychotic in nature. It's hard to believe this could be anyone's pot of gold. What one will do for fame.


What happens to this girl when the lawyers and enablers go through all her money? Will she end up on the streets talking to herself. This is not funny and her condition should not be exploited!

@ Spare+me

You are right and it just goes to show that EACH AND EVERY DAMN ONE OF US needs to take responsibility for our own well being! It's all about choices or so they say? Once you go.... Many times you can't come back because no one is on waiting on the receiving end! Most don't want you back. This is a free country for sure and people are free to respond towards another after the mess is made! Simple minded people and the decisions they make.

@ Spare+me

Her "condition" is that she's a rude, selfish, inconsiderate drug addict. Yeah I'd feel bad for her for being addicted to drugs but this behavior that's being brought out has a lot to do with her inner personality that's just shining through when she's using.


shes talking about drake bell the guy that was on the amanda show with her not this blACK GUY WHO SHE PROBALY DOESNT EVEN KNOW


When ever she come out if this obvious mental break down she is going to be extremely embarrassed


Obviously this she-douche is insecure with herself. Get a life or jump out a window with your bong!

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