Agnieszka Radwanska Nude Photos Spark Outcry in Poland

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Photos of tennis star Agnieszka Radwanska nude in ESPN The Magazine's Body Issue are reportedly not going over too well in her native Poland.

Agnieszka Radwanska Nude

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Catholic group Youth Crusade is distancing itself from Radwanska on account of her “immoral behavior.”

The ESPN Body Issue features naked but not explicit photos of athletes, including the world's #4-ranked tennis player next to a pool of tennis balls.

Youth Crusade, in heavily Catholic Poland, runs a campaign called “I am not ashamed of Jesus,” which Radwanska participated in two years ago.

Father Marek Dziewiecki, a senior Catholic priest, expressed outrage over the widely-circulated image in an interview with The Telegraph (UK).

"It's a shame that someone who has declared their love for Jesus is now promoting the mentality of men looking at a woman as a thing," Dziewiecki said.

"If she meets a man who she can truly love and establish a happy family and raise Catholic children, then she would probably have to hide these pictures from relatives."

He further admonished Agnieszka Radwanska for making herself into an object "rather than a child of God worthy of respect and love."

Do you agree? Is she degrading herself by posing for ESPN? Would this apply to Kate Upton bikini pictures as well, as she models for a living?

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Shame on sports sprit


last I checked your faith is in your heart, mind, and soul and not your choice of clothes or therefore lack of.


Yes, these photos are her road to sin, IF sheis still declaring herself, as a child of God. What is so sad, is that she is exposed through one of the main sins that God says we will be drawn from Him! THE SIN OF FLESH... It is so sad, that these young women, from these improvished countries and are maltreated by ruthless men, who demean them through their "idea of fast fame" MISOGNY... Is the idea of greed for fame and money, REALLY WORTH... DISPLACEMENT FROM YOUR RELIGIOUS UPBRINGING? Such a sad world... Women with a loss of moral values... To be a momentary skin flick... Kate Upton was the worst one, just jiggling her breasts with poor rhythm... All will be judged by GOD, but a shame, they have become poor examples of womanly virtues for younger girls... Do NOT follow thesr women to RUIN!!

@ MamaJack824

We're all children of God, clothes on or off. She's not from an improvished country, she's from POLAND. As for the priest, what's he going to say?
"Oh, she looks lovely!??!" "Promoting the mentality of men, looking at women as a thing!!" That certainly doesn't say too much for men, does it? Then you say Kate Upton was the worst one,JUST JIGGLING HER BREAST WITH POOR RHYTHM.... AH, You seemed to notice and go into detail about Kate.! Was it really in poor rhythm? Yes, we'll all be judged by God but you seem to be doing enough of that! Leave it to GOD. That's his job!