Adam Lambert: Cast on Glee!

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Reports got it half right.

Adam Lambert is headed to a Fox show. But it isn't American Idol. It's... Glee!

Adam Lambert in Action

Keeping the singer's role a secret, creator Ryan Murphy Tweeted last night: "I am thrilled to announce that the super talented Adam Lambert is joining the cast of Glee this fall."

Lambert himself added that he's "so excited" to begin work on Glee Season 5.

The series will look very different when it premieres on September 19.

Heather Morris, Amber Riley, Mark Salling and Harry Shum, Jr. are out as series regulars. Melissa Benoist, Jacob Artist, Becca Tobin, Blake Jenner and Alex Newell are in.

Jayma Mays has signed on for a CBS sitcom and it remains unclear how often Glee will shift from William McKinley to New York City.

Still, this is exciting news... isn't it? Are you looking forward to Adam Lambert on Glee?


I have followed Adam since he first set foot on the American Idol stage and have never failed to be amazed and thrilled at h is voice, personality and his looks. I grew up as a vocal performer and in my golden years I can appreciate what Adam has accomplished..


I have followed Adam since he first walked on the American Idol stage and am thrilled that he is to be on Glee.He is an amazing artist with alll the looks of a Hollywood star and talent big enough for a dozen people!! I will watch eagerly!


Yeah, I have no idea Glee's still on the air! But Speaking of Adam Lambert, I have no idea of what's he's going to bring in right in the show. I'm so excited to see GLAM in Glee.


I love Glee and love Adam twice as much, I'm so excited.


OF COURSE he can act. He's been on Broadway multiple times, for example, staring in productions of Wicked! Forget the haters, I may actually start watching Glee again because of him!!


Best news for TV in a long time. Finally some glam and real talent on the tube. Idols big loss in my opinion.


Frankly speaking I don't see in Adan anything a straight person would dislike about homosexuals. And although 2 months ago I didn't know anything about Lambert, seeing him on youtube singing with Qeen I liked his voice and stage presence. if you reffer to wearing makeup, a lot of straight rock performers did that. If you don't like the guy, that dosn't mean that straigh people feel the same. (sorry for possible mistakes, I am not an english speaker)


I can't stand the guy (and I'm gay). He's set back the realization of gay rights and equality by at least a few decades by exemplifying in his personal and public life everything the straight world dislikes most about homosexuals. He reinforces every stereotype the straight world hates about gay people. HE IS THE STEREOTYPICAL FLAMING FAGGOT.

@ JimmyT

Shame on you ! You are a bitter gay man ! It's enough to be discriminated by others but being discriminated by a gay man ? Adam Lambert is an Artist, a very good and talented singer ! What do you have next to Adam ? Leave your bitterness at home !


Great! Adam Lambert will finally be on a show where he will have the opportunity to do what he has always done best...make sure the whole world knows he's a screaming queen. Maybe they'll let him sing too. I think he also does that sometimes.


This is going to be interesting. Lambert is a pretty good singer, but he can't act worth a tinker's dam. Here's hoping he doesn't embarrass himself on the show.

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