Aaron Hernandez: Treated Inhumanely in Jail?

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Aaron Hernandez's accommodations in jail as he awaits trial for murder are the subject of great concern, the American Civil Liberties Union believes.

Aaron Hernandez Handcuffs

In a recent blog post, the ACLU laments the damage being done to Hernandez as he remains in protective custody, also known as solitary confinement.

The ACLU argues that in reality, this can do more damage than good, and that many countries "recognize solitary confinement as a form of torture."

"Regardless of what you think of Aaron Hernandez, it's important to take a minute and remember he has not yet been convicted," ACLU.org wrote.

"In the eyes of the law, he is innocent until proven guilty. But, awaiting trial, he is locked alone in a small room with little or no human interaction for over 20 hours a day."

He could remain in that position for many months, or even a year.

Accused of orchestrating an execution-style murder of Odin Lloyd, he was denied bail twice due to his perceived flight risk and strength of the prosecution's evidence.

He is reportedly being kept away from the general population for his safety, but the ACLU worries about him being kept in a cell the "size of a parking spot."

The ACLU cites "debilitating psychological effects" when a prisoner is extremely isolated, and argues that it may encourage repeat criminal behavior.

The former New England Patriots tar, police believe, had the motive, means, and opportunity to kill Lloyd, with plenty of evidence to support that.

Still, the 23-year-old will spend too much time in less-than-ideal conditions until he has his day in court, and the ACLU worries about the long-term effects.

What do you think? Does the group have a point?

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ah poor thing...maybe he should have gotten caught, he might still be home in his own bed! JERK!


I thought they did that for his own protection!


Um really? Would this be an article were he not a former NFL star? TFB Aaron. Don't kill people and you won't be in jail. Seems pretty simple to me.


it's his choice to remain in the cell by himself, i believe if he wants to be placed in with the general population he should just request to do so. otherwise lets find something else to complain about


Odin's prison cell is a pine box. Odin's father and mother would trade everything they have to spend time with their son in a room the size of a parking lot. There are real issues and real needs of real people that are in far worse positions and the ACLU would be wise to spend their time on those situations and stop insulting our intelligence.


And how did you treat the guy you killed ?


I think everyone is missing the point. He is not in solitary as punishment, its for protection. Any celebrity would be given the same treatment. The inmates could possibly have a field day with him. Everybody would wana say "I knocked out an nfl player" or "I raped a celebrity, made him my bitch"

@ jay

maybe if he didnt murder someone he wouldnt have to worry about it.besides hes only a patriot


The ACLU should find some other worth while cause to get into always sticking nose in where blacks are concerned, don't seem to bother them when it's a white person being treated unfairly

@ Barbara

U a racist bitch and I hope they fry ur cracker ass:) and bless u have a nice day


Getting just what anyone else would get in his position to bad big whine bag had to go commit murder just like most blackies and thinks he's another oj I hope they fry him

@ Barbara

Learn to write before you post, your writing lack intelligence, and as I know Hernandez is spanish


If you want to talk about being treated inhumanely, look up Tent City, AZ it is a jail outside that the inmates are in tents in 113 and higher degree tempertures, with no air conditioning, and the officers there treat them like animals. It is voted one of the top 10 worst jails in the United States and is compared to a concentration camp, by the Sheriff who runs Arizona and prides himself on his brilliant idea for this jail. The inmates that are in there are doing time for minimal offenses, DUI's , missing a couple child support payments. There are organizations trying to get it closed down as well as many lawsuits suing the gaurds for assault as well as inmates deaths. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear about what goes on there and the fact that I have a loved one in there right now, makes it even worse. So Mr. Hernandez should count his blessings that he's in air conditioning. And has a huge support of backup and people fighting to get him out.

@ mikaila

Love Sheriff Joe :) Don't break the law and you won't end up in Tent City.

@ mikaila

look at south american prisons if you want to seeinhumane treatment then let him snivel