Westboro Baptist Church Responds to 5-Year-Old's Lemonade Stand With Chilling Message

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The Westboro Baptist Church has responded to a little girl's lemonade stand campaign to raise money for peace the only way they know how.

Over the weekend, the touching story of Jayden Sink and her lemonade stand for peace - across the street from the infamous WBC - went viral.

Setting up shop at the Equality House - a rainbow-colored dwelling owned by a nonprofit - Jayden set out to sell lemonade for love and understanding.

Members from the Topeka, Ks., church apparently attempted to call the local police and later stooped to yelling profanities at her lemonade customers.

When that failed, the WBC updated their sign out front:

Westboro Baptist Church Sign

Can't you just feel the warm embrace of the "church."


WBC never even knew, let alone cared, that the lemonaid stand was there. It was all of the huffing and puffing by the fag media about it that got their attention. How does selling lemon aid in any way change anything. Its kinda pathetic after all the violent attacks, lawsuits, threats, and criminal activity to silence WBC didn't work that now somehow this constitutes a victory?

@ tonykeywest

You are obviously a right wing religious moron. Go home and pray that normal people won't put you in an insane asylum.


That so-called "chilling message" is further proof that those Westboro Baptist Church morons are nothing but VERY PATHETIC WASTES OF SPACE!!!!! WORTHLESS JACKASSES!!!!!


this was the goal of mom & dad.

@ abe

What are you even talking about Abe?? I see your racist and homophobic comments on here daily. Why don't you take your hate filled trolling somewhere else.


This kind of disrespect for humanity only shows that these people who call themselves christians are as disgusting and low as the dirt on their churches welcome mat. I hope that the young girl continues to fight for what ever she may believe in, that is her God given right. The Westboro Babtist Church should stop acting like heithens and start being positive rolemodels for their community. Im shocked at this kind of behavior from their church group. This only pushes people away from church and God. Shame Shame Shame on yall. I wish the best for that little girl and that church owes her a huge appoligy. These people sound more like a cult. I hope someone knocks them down a peg or two. Church huh....... disgraceful


Aren't they just the most warm hearted people on earth? LOL They have become a joke!! Anyone that takes them seriously...well they need help. Any attention given to them is attention wasted. They feed on it....stop giving it and they will starve. They will all burn in hell one day and then figure it out.


Nasty people! Hopefully the little girl didn't let it phase her, even though hearing adults scream curses at you would have to get to her. Shame on them!


Those are pitiful excuses for human beings. They are sck. the fact that they call themselves a church is offensive. They are a sick cult that breeds hate. I feel sorry for their soles when they spend eternity in hell.

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