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Gretchen is too good of a friend to Tamera. Tamera just wants whoever is kissing her butt at the moment to be her bestie. Shes the most disloyal person ever in life.


Vicki infuriates me to no end. I hope Tamra sees through her c-rap. I wish Vicki would just run away with Brooks and not come back. They deserve each other. And Tamra, why would you invite Alexis to your wedding dress shopping? Were you drunk and feeling generous? And Gretchen is not all about Gretchen. She backed out because she didn't want to ruin YOUR day.


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@ Sandy207

Gretchen backed out to make tamra choose between them. The day will not be ruined if people behave. there is no reason gretchen dislikes alexis, that we have seen on the show. gretchen ganged up with the mean girls last season and ostrisized alexis. Now she, in pure slimy slade style is trying to find reasons to rationalize her behavior. Alexis has done nothing wrong, she was nervous and self conscious and over compensated buy being a little to braggy and show offy. thats it. She does not deserve to be treated so harshly.


........and stick with the fundimentals, honey's.
in other words: PLEASE ME!!

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