Taylor Swift Turns "Red," Turns Up the Sexy at CMT Awards

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Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood put on contrasting performances last night at the 2013 CMT Awards.

While the latter stood subdued and sang along with a chorus while dedicating "See You Again" to victims of the Oklahoma tornado... Swift donned hot pants and a bodice for a live rendition of "Red."

She even fell to her knees at one point in front of her guitar player.

Yes, this was an especially fiery and sexy version of Taylor Swift. But was it a good one? Watch now and decide for yourself:


She looks great. I am starting to like her these days. Keep it up Taylor Swift.


Yes! I love this song..one of my favorite songs on her album and I thought she looked great during the performance


Taylor and sexy don't really fit in the same sentence. I'm sure she tries.

@ Spare+me

umm..no offfence... but u cant just say something doesnt fit just cause of name....no offence again.. but ur kinda right...i said kinda....


Take away the flashing lights, the dancers and the" Angelina" leg stuck out to there and what to do have.....a girl who sings the same song over and over music wise and 50 million words. It was ok, I guess.

@ barb

You are such a hater. Pity for you, you only wish you had half her talent.


no no no, this won't help the impotent!!

@ abe

Shut up Abe.

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