Stephanie Larimore Confronts Brian Jarosinski on The Bachelorette: Watch Now!

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As The Bachelorette spoilers predicted, Stephanie Larimore showed up last night to confront Brian Jarosinski for going on the show and not telling her.

According to Playboy model Steph, Brian told his GF he was going to California on business, but that they would reunite upon his return. Pretty hilarious.

Stephanie Larimore, 32, has appeared in ads for Coors Light, Axe, Miller Lite, Hawaiian Tropic, Smirnoff, Patron, Crown Royal, Harley Davidson, and Maxim.

She is best known, however, for being Playboy Playmate of the Month in June 2006! She's quite proud of this too. Her Twitter handle is @junebunny06!

Stephanie Larimore and Brian Jarosinski
Stephanie Larimore Bikini Photo

A single mother, Stephanie called out Brian for ditching her and her son, who "looks up to" him. She derided him as a “lying, cheating, deceitful pig!”

Among other choice comments he had basically no rebuttal for.

Desiree Hartsock quickly showed him the door after Larimore's tirade Monday, so Brian is single again ... safe to say he and Steph didn't get back together.

While he tried to protest that they were on a break, the guy clearly tried to go on a reality TV show while leaving the door open to hit it upon his return.

Even if she likes to throw rocks at his face. Not cool, dog.

Clearly, he got busted, seemingly unaware that this is a popular, national television show with producers who love to stir the pot and create drama.

Talk about playing into their hands! Way to go, Brian!!

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The Bachelorette is stupid. I mean she's(Stephanie) to get a father for her baby she'd go on t.v. and make a fool of herself. The bachelorette and Chris may buy it..but I felt sorry for the guy getting confronted by now, we know who Is little more than like a whore.


this was a stunt so Stepahnie could show off her photos - like these here.... I'm sure we haven't seen the last of her --


Here's a quote from the article about her regretting her confrontation:
"The former Playboy Playmate opens up about her appearance on the June 10 episode in an interview with EnStars — and its ramifications for her family. "Though I have few regrets in life, I wish I had thought about the impact the show would have on our lives," she says, referring to son Donovan." Again, worry about the impact of your nude, partially nude photos all over Stephanie doll.


Supposedly Stephanie now regrets her over-the-top, crazy confrontation of Brian. She's hoping her child doesn't grow up to see it. Bahhhh... wait til he sees all her nude pics online. Great role model. :/


He was so unwise when she made the desire known that she wanted to break-up, to instead suggest they just take a break. Agree with her wants and no problem or issue. And it has become so common with the crying ladies on this show that they are able to avoid any tears. Hmmmm


Both women are better off without him. He had a girlfriend like Stephanie, who is a model and participant in TV ads. What an idiot he is. I swear that Desiree have some dumb men on the show. Just seeing them trying to rap and dance on her video with Soulja Boy was TERRIBLE.


And no, we don't need a person of her background as next Bachelorette.


Am I the only one who thinks Stephanie Larimore is a bit of a loose cannon? Girl wouldn't even let Des or Chris have a chance to talk on their show. She just barged in and wouldn't stop jawing it. She came off looking like a crazy. I'd say Brian is lucky to be ride of Miss Porno Drama Queen.


well, the "Hooter-girls" are just everywhere!!


No surprise. Only this show would have a guy, who's linked to another media whore. Realty tv is scripted people....all scripted.

@ G

I so agree........she will b the next bachlorette watch n see

@ Debbie

I hope not..i don't think America is ready for a harlotte.

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