Star Magazine Sticks to Kanye West Cheating Story, Backs Leyla Ghobadi

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Star Magazine is refusing to back down.

Despite a denial by Kanye West, the tabloid is sticking with its story:

The rapper cheated on Kim Kardashian with a Canadian model named Leyla Ghobadi, with at least one naked rendezvous taking place when Kim was pregnant with Kanye's child.

Kanye West Cheating Claim

“A friend of Leyla’s approached us about it and we reached out to Leyla and we spoke to her about," Deputy Editor Matt Coppa told Fox News of how the story came about.

"She was feeling bad because originally when they were together, Kanye had told her that him and Kim were not serious, that they were just together for publicity to increase their fan bases, so she didn’t feel guilty about sleeping with him."

And while the affair took place last year, Coppa doubles down and says Kanyes people contacted Leyla as recently as last month.

They asked "for a meet up the weekend June 7th through June 9th where Kanye was going to be in New York City for the Governor’s Ball," according to the editor.

Moreover, he alleges the publication has proof of the affair.

There was (a phone record). We saw that. We didn’t print that in the magazine. We have seen that,” said Coppa.

Of course, that begs the question: Why would the magazine not run such records?!?

Do you think Kanye cheated on Kim?


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Star Magazine Sticks to Kanye West Cheating Story, Backs Leyla Ghobadi
Now tell me it's not real!


Shouldn't be so DESPERATE w/ulterior motives... Ms. Kim. In a rush 4 EV'RYTHING she wants! Even if SHE hurts someone (kris humphries)... ijs
Don't feel 2 GOOD... Been there/Done that! That's why I kno'...


THEY ARE NOT MARRIED!!! They are NOT Married... How is he cheating on her?! Wasn't SHE Married when she got PREGNANT by Kanye?! It's call'd KARMA!!!


This is a man who THINKS he desersves anything he wants no matter who he hurts he don;t care about anyone but himself REALLY! REALLY!


Why is the femal half always the slut? She is not the one pretending to the the world to be with Kim. He is a slut.

@ soapstix

Thank you! My words exactly.


Another girl wanting to become famous off of an famous person!!!! I don't believe an thing star says ever,but not on kanye side either. That dude is an nutjob!!!!! I just don't want people gettin famous for nothing


Doesn't he have a boyfriend in France also?????


Well when you remember that Kanye is sex addict, and he and Kim don't meet much, so it's very believable.


If they have a phone record (which can be fabricated but still) then why didnt they print that?


All be it the same're the worst scum on the planet to sleep with a guy that go a girl pregnant. SHE'S A SLUT ! AND I HATE CALLING A GIRL A SLUT. BUT SHE KNEW KIM WAS PREGO

@ lynn

YES, I totally agree.