Sophia Grace Video Released, Disturbing

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Remember Sophia Grace Brownlee? The 10-year old British rapper who shot to fame on Ellen along with her cousin Rosie?

They covered such pop hits as "I Knew You Were Trouble" and "Starships" while appearing on the talk show and garnering serious YouTube hits.

But Sophia has now left her relative behind and embarked on a solo career that has kicked off with the official music video for "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun."

Will it go viral? No doubt. Is it a tad disturbing, considering the age of the singer? Oh yes. Watch now:

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Why do u have to be so rude she is just a little girl whoever said that is probaly jelous!!!


This video making me carry I did not sleep at night when I warship I love they song and I love ninja minaj she is the best song in the would kiss kiss kiss hut hut love lifw


seriously there is not wrong with the video!!!! you people are crazy!! it is age appropriate and even though they used autotune in the song...Sophia has raw talent that could only get better as she practices more! you people are disturbing, not the video


What is wrong with you pathetic critics,look at yourselves The video is amazing, fun . What a incredible little singer ,she is having so much fun and being a 10 year old absolutely nothing disturbing about this.your all jealous.


Are you freaking serious?!?!? What the hell is disturbing about this video?? Give me a freaking break!!


Same on you Hollywood Gossip, this video is NOT disturbing. I think it's very cute, and well done. The little girls are having fun. I do think it's a little disturbing how good Rosey is. I'm shocked someone so young is so posed.


I did'nt see one thing about this vid that was disturbing, i thought it was cute and creative, these little girls doing what they love most, singing and acting.


Please explain what is disturbing about the video? Everything she is doing seems age appropriate and she isn't saying anything wrong sooooo.... What is disturbing? I was expecting to see her is a smaller outfit or cussing but no, very cute.


I am not sure it's "disturbing"? I have seen worse from girls her age on YouTube, but maybe questionable. Either way... she isnt my kid so not really my place to judge what her parents think is appropriate for their child. She obviously loves to perform for people and has fun so I think people should relax. If she starts cursing or booty popping then I might have something to say, until then why stifle her creativity? JMO.