Selma Blair: FIRED From Anger Management!

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The moral of this particular story: Don't mess with a Warlock.

Selma Blair has indeed been fired from Charlie Sheen's sitcom Anger Management after a falling out with the actor that led to him demanding her exit.

He even issued an ultimatum, threatening to walk unless producers fired Blair, who allegedly talked smack about Sheen. Looks like they listened.

Selma Blair and Charlie Sheen

In a statement Tuesday, producer Lionsgate said the actress won't be returning. The company wished her "the very best" but had no further comment.

Blair's departure comes while the comedy, Sheen's comeback after his Two and a Half Men exit, is about halfway through a 90-episode order from FX.

Sheen knows a thing or two about getting canned from sitcoms himself, however he has an ownership stake in Anger Management, so he calls the shots.

No word of Selma received an official Charlie Sheen rejection letter.


Say what u want concerning sheen but YOU DON'T BIT THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU.


First of all, I APPLAUD Selma Blair for taking a stand (or something). As for the chronic lateness and the poor work ethic parts...what do you expect????? Charlie Sheen is nothing but an overgrown BULLY who acts like AN EVEN WORSER BULLY whenever he doesn't get his way. More and more, I feel so sorry for the rest of the Anger Management cast and crew. I mean...having to put up with D.C. (aka Douchebag Charlie)????? And, of course Charlie gets a HUGE-A$$ $ALARY PER EPISODE. Also, those Anger Management producers ignorantly overlook Charlie's lateness, so-called work ethic and all that because Charlie supposedly brings in HUGE-ASS ratings for the F/X network. I agree with Annette...Selma Blair SHOULD SUE for wrongful termination. And, Selma...girlfriend, you are such a wonderfully gifted actress!!!!! Remember that. One last thing: Selma...TRIPLE SSS (STAY STRONG SWEETHEART)!!!!! Peace.


Well, she is the second woman he rejected besides that snobbish Farrah Abraham.


Charlie's alive and well and still being a DB. Something's never change.


Charelie has money,has drugs feeds every body who wants some of each,hes a Ahole from hell ask his wives they will tell you he got each one on drugs.he should be in jail

@ Ted

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Great news for Ms. Blair who is now released from this idiot's abusive work environment. Who in their RIGHT minds would want to work for a misogynist, drug addled, a-hole? Blair should now sue for wrongful termination and having to suffer this pr***s wrath.


Charlie Sheen should be ashamed of himself for the bullshit mind games he places on people. I don't know why but this jackass keeps getting chance after chance after chance. But he's like a true to the life cockroach....that asshole just keeps coming back. I don't get it! His brother Emilio is out of work, and Charlie still has a job why? He's good but not that damn good!

@ My Two Cents.....

You guys can trash Charlie all you want the reason he gets chance after chance is he's one smart man who has an ownership stake in Anger Management, so he can call the shots. Charlie is no dummy by any means that's why he has a healthy bank account. Everyone on that show knew Charlie and also knew how he was before they chose to work with him so why cry when he does his thing.


don't fuck with Charlie, folks.


Charlie Sheen has been a womanizet, since his teens, where he PREFERS petite, blonde women, who are passive in their daily living activitirs, where he can "control," them physically, emotionally, and financially, as a narcisstic, misognistic,drug-addicted, psychologically depreciated Warlock who cannot tolerate a woman like Blair, who is far too strong for Charlie's woman abusing ego... Charlie is only good in delivering one liners, mainly devised and conceptualized by HIS WRITERS. Lost interest in him, years ago, after mental meltdowns, would NOT invest in him, since he probably has been causing a hostile work environment for her, and she should sue him for his poor actions in a workplace... Hating him! FX money versus doing what is right? An EEO ISSUE HERE, INSTEAD...

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