Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran: Hooking Up!

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Justin Bieber may want to avert his eyes before he reads this, hops in his Ferrari and terrorizes the streets of Calabasas at highway speeds in a fit or rage.

Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran are totally hitting it!

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"They are hooking up!" says one insider, noting that the matchmaker was none other than Gomez's close pal Taylor Swift, currently touring with Sheeran.

We all remember Taylor Swift's reaction when she last saw Selena and Justin kissing, so it's little surprise she's looking to steer Gomez elsewhere!

As for Sheeran, the 22-year-old singer said he was single at the MuchMusic Video Awards, but when asked about being set up with Selena, he responded:

"I wouldn't complain."

Guess not!

The attraction for the 20-year-old Gomez, per a second source, is the U.K. native's maturity compared to that of the increasingly erratic Justin Bieber.

"She got sick of having to take care of Justin like he was her child," says a source quoted by Us Weekly. "This is a nice escape from the drama."

The final straw was reportedly Justin's flirting with Miley Cyrus, though that report was not confirmed. Whatever the reason, they are no longer a thing.

A friend close to Selena says Gomez and Bieber "are totally done" and "not even hooking up anymore," while she is now "having fun" with Sheeran.

"They are friends with an open mind," another insider says, likely meaning basically that they enjoy pawing one another vigorously without labels yet.

"He's sensitive and sweet and a lot deeper than Justin."

Given his behavior lately, that's not saying a whole lot ... but here's hoping Selena and Ed, if in fact they are hooking up, are having a great time of it.


Still can't pass Staples Center can you? That was the time when they were getting along. Things changed for the worse in Nov. 2012 for a lot reasons you don't want to mention because it'll make Justin look bad because you love and idolize him so much. If you had a boy friend and treated you like a queen and all of a sudden he treated you with no respect would you compare him to other guys that came next? And what if she did have other relations? Are you support keep count of them to make her a better girlfriend. Quit living their lives and live yours.By the way with your weird way of thinking I wouldn't even let you jump on my dick. Grow up!


Gross, what a downgrade!

@ Jessie

Actually quite the opposite, Ed is ten times the man Bieber is or will ever be. Better music, better attitude, better personality. Just...better.


Maybe she can date a n__ger next time around and then you sloots would be cheeru=ing huh ...?


Omg really from justin to ed. Damn. I could see taylor dating him but not selena. Omg. In my opinion I think she just wants him so she can make another album sell like she did with justin and nick.


Bunch of bs. Justin treated her like a princess so all of you can hop off his dick. Call me when you're boyfriend buys out the staples center just to go on a date, by entire flower shops, buys you anything you want and still take bs about you never treated her right when she's had several relationships MORE than justin. So tell me who's the JERK now.

@ Katie

Exactly she dates guys to boast up her career like when she did that jonas kid


Stop talking about Ed like that. At least he treats her better than Justin does apparently. So what you may not think he's cute? He's not a douche like Bieber is so hush.


From lesbian to chubbie chaser.... and he is a ginger....yuck....


What the hell is with these comments? Ed has a beautiful voice, writing talent, and is humble and sweet. If you guys knew anything about the "ugly ginger", you'd be saying HE could do a lot better than HER, not the other way around. Of course if you're basing your opinion on looks only, you don't deserve to have an opinion in the first place.

@ Annie


@ Annie

Exactly. Someone understands how I feel.


She done baby sitting the Beave, let him grow up on his own?


She is such a cutie. Better looking than Taylor swift.

@ Eula

which is why I don't know why she is dating little boys also??? kiddie diddlers... both she and taylor

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